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View Full Version : Anybody have success with data recovery companies?

12-29-11, 09:17 AM
A coworkers external hard drive has died and it won't even spin up, have anybody have any success at companies that do data recovery?

There seems like there is a ton of companies out there, I'm looking for a good recommendation.


12-29-11, 09:33 AM
I have, although I imagine it will be hard for a specific recommendation based on your location. It costs a few grand, but the few times we've had to bring a drive in at work they were able to recover everything we needed.

12-29-11, 09:40 AM
I have some data recovery tools here and I will try it out first, but the way the end user is talking the drive does not even spin up; if the electronics are dead that is past my ability for recovery.

I'm in Pennsylvania, and the end user already has a quote from Seagate for $1200.

12-29-11, 04:41 PM
Freezer trick!

(Use the Google.)

12-29-11, 05:51 PM
I thought at one point seagate owned ontrack or something like that, so if he has a quote from seagate, this may ultimately be the same company :)


Use them all the time due to people being too lazy/stupid to backup their data. Maybe 1 out of 100 they are not able to recover ALL the data, but they always get something ;) Very pricey though.

12-29-11, 06:47 PM
Freezer trick!

(Use the Google.)Yeah, especially for no-spinup. Maybe the oven trick or the kick trick if the freezer doesn't work.

I'd sure take it out of the enclosure first and see if it works in another one.

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