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12-27-11, 08:43 PM
I got a new Sony hi def TV recently. Now what's weird is I have the same Sony blu ray player I had last year and the same copy of "JFK" on blu I had before, and have always been able to navigate the menus on the 'special features' section of this movie until I hooked the player to the new tv. What's the deal here?

(As a matter of fact I was watching last Friday on a standard def tv, and now I could navigate it just fine. Huh?)

E Unit
12-28-11, 12:15 AM
Sounds like you have the Warren Commission edition.

12-28-11, 09:45 AM
^^Ain't that the truth!

But, all kidding aside, WHY would my Sony blu ray player and this WB blu ray disc work on one 720p TV (of a different brand, BTW--Insignia) and a standard def TV of the *same* brand (Sony) just a week ago?

And it's just the Special Features menu that doesn't work! The regular menu works fine!!

Friggin' bizarre.

Shannon Nutt
12-28-11, 11:57 AM
It's a mystery wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma.

12-28-11, 01:03 PM
Have you tried updating the player firmware lately? Maybe the new update might be causing problems. If you haven't updated the player in awhile it might do the trick, I've heard of weirder solutions when it comes to Blu-Ray players.

For instance, the Rocky Horror Picture Show won't load on my Sony BD-360 if I have the internet hooked up to it. Once I unplug the Ethernet connection though it loads perfectly.

01-01-12, 06:07 PM
Well, I updated the firmware (I was all like: "Come here, bitch. Come here bitch!" with the player) And the problem remains.

That is so freaking bizarre. It plays all the other BDs perfectly. And this WB disc and Sony player have played the 'special features' menu before on *other* TVs. One an Insignia HD, and one a Sony standard def.

But now it's hooked to a brand new Sony Bravia, and no dice. "Same signs, Lou, and just as telling..."

01-11-12, 12:59 PM
Well, it turns out it was neither the player or really the disc (per se). It's just that the cursor on the menu screen. You know when you move it around on a menu and a selection changes color? Well...the change of color is *so* slight you can barely see any difference between what's selected and what isn't. Who the frig designed this menu?


Dedicated to the young in whose spirit of designing user-friendly and easy to navigate menu screens marches on.

01-11-12, 06:04 PM
Here's another type of menu I find annoying (fortunately they're not common): the ones where the cursor highlights an alternative option you can select, rather than the default setting.

Example: I have some PBS shows on BD where the audio defaults to 5.1 surround, but when you bring up the menu, the cursor is highlighting surround "off." So you think the disc is defaulting to the other track, which is 2.0 stereo. But it's really asking, "Do you want to switch to 2.0 stereo?" Of course, you then move the cursor to "on" and press enter, which then toggles the surround off. Then you start the disc playing and wonder why you only hear stereo sound. :brickwl2:

Please menu designers, have the cursor highlight the selected option, not alternatives you can switch to. Thank you.

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