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12-27-11, 06:11 PM
Noted SiFi Author (Hyperion etc)...

01-04-12, 11:51 AM
I actually have had this book for about a year or so, but haven't read it yet. I love Dan Simmons, but am not sure how I'll enjoy his non-sci-fi stuff.

01-04-12, 01:55 PM
^ Same here. It's been sitting on my shelf for what seems like forever. I should just read it since I've heard nothing but positive words about this book -- pretty good deal for $2.

01-04-12, 02:16 PM
And I thought I was bad for having Drood sit around on my bookshelves :) I completely understand though. His books are long and aren't exactly light reading ... I have to be in the right frame of mind to start to tackle something like that (not to mention knowing I'll have enough reading time to finish the book in a reasonable time frame).

The Terror is great though, and especially good reading for a cold winter night.

01-04-12, 06:26 PM
I have Drood sitting around for nearly just as long, so ha! :D Seriously though, I should really start reading more Dan Simmons.

01-06-12, 09:53 AM
The Terror is, imho, one of Dan Simmons best works ever. However, it does suffer from the typical Dan Simmons cliches' (it could use about two hundred pages of editing and the writing is often too clever for its own good).

Tom Banjo
01-07-12, 09:57 PM
Great book, but I hated the ending. It feels like a completely different novel.

01-07-12, 11:33 PM
I haven't read "The Terror" yet, since Simmons has been on a steep decline over the past ten or fifteen years.

I'd like to say it started when he went on binge writing those awful thriller novels (eg, Darwin's Blade), but the two Endymion sequels to the Hyperion Cantos were pretty plodding and lackluster, too.

When I tried to read Ilium/Olympos and found them overwrought and dull, I gave up on Simmons at that point.

Might give The Terror a shot one of these days, but he's fallen so far in my estimation that I doubt I'll ever pick up another one his books again.

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