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12-22-11, 07:00 AM
This week's sale prices (http://www.examiner.com/dvd-in-new-york/december-25-31-2011-12-25-12-31-target-ad-scan-prices-for-dvd-blu-ray-picture).

12-22-11, 10:28 AM
This week's sale prices (http://www.examiner.com/dvd-in-new-york/december-25-31-2011-12-25-12-31-target-ad-scan-prices-for-dvd-blu-ray-picture).


12-22-11, 11:39 AM
Thanks, OP.

From the article, here are the prices:

New Releases coming out Tuesday, December 27, 2011:

Final Destination 5:
•DVD - $14.99
•Blu-ray - $19.99
•Blu-ray Combo Pack (includes DVD and Digital Copy) - $22.99

The Borgias: The First Season:
•DVD - $29.99

Target exclusive includes over 90 minutes of bonus interviews, featurettes, podcasts and more.

Shameless: The Complete First Season:
•DVD - $39.99
•Blu-ray - $44.99

Apollo 18:
•DVD - $17.99
•Blu-ray Combo Pack (includes DVD and Digital Copy) - $24.99

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$4.49 DVD:
•The Notebook
•Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who!
•The Hurt Locker
•more in-store

$9.99 DVD:
•Bad Teacher
•Water for Elephants
•more in-store

$9.99 Blu-ray:
•The Hangover (includes DVD and Digital Copy)
•The Bourne Ultimatum (includes DVD on flipper disc)
•more in-store

$14.99 Blu-ray:
•I Am Number Four
•Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 (includes DVD and Digital Copy) *Target exclusive with exclusive documentary*
•Fast Five (includes DVD and Digital Copy)
•Friends with Benefits
•The Help (includes DVD)
•Megamind (includes DVD)
•more in-store

$9.99 TV on DVD:
•The Walking Dead: Season 1
•Entourage: Season 7
•Eastbound & Down: Season 2
•Parenthood: Season 2
•Weeds: Season 6
•Mad Men: Seasons 1 - 4 each
•more in-store

$14.99 TV on DVD:
•It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season 6
•Psych: Season 5
•Gossip Girl: Season 4
•Glee: Season 2, Volumes 1 - 2 each
•How I Met Your Mother: Season 6
•Mike & Molly: Season 1
•Spartacus: Blood and Sand
•House M.D.: Season 7
•Dexter: Season 5
•True Blood: Season 3
•Castle: Season 3
•The Office: Season 7
•more in-store

$19.99 TV on DVD:
•True Blood: Seasons 1 - 2 each
•The Good Wife: Season 2
•Burn Notice: Season 4
•Grey's Anatomy: Season 7
•Smallville: Season 10
•more in-store

Music on DVD:
•Taylor Swift: Speak Now World Tour Live CD/DVD - $20.00 *Target exclusive*
•Britney Spears Live: The Femme Fatale Tour DVD - $12.00

Evan Meadow
12-22-11, 05:07 PM
Take note, Target shoppers:

Best Buy will be selling Smallville Season 10 on DVD for $15 this same week.

12-24-11, 08:59 AM
Does anyone know if Final Destination 5 is getting a 3D release?
edit. Judging by the Best Buy deal thread, there is a 3D release for $25 next week.

Also, it looks like every year, on the week after Christmas, The Office (most recent season) will go on sale.

12-24-11, 10:14 AM
The 3D release is a BB exclusive for now.

12-25-11, 06:46 AM
TARGET GIFT TO US: $10 off $50 Target Online Order Coupon Code: TGTGFT2U (Good Dec. 25th only and stacks when using REDcard) :D
The Help (2 Discs) (Blu-ray/DVD) $14.99
Parenthood: Season 2 (5 Discs) $9.99
Psych: The Complete Fifth Season (4 Discs) $14.99
Friday Night Lights: The Fifth Season (3 Discs) $9.99
Parks and Recreation: Season Three (3 Discs) $9.99

subtotal: $59.95
REDcard rewards -$2.50
promotion discounts -$10.00
shipping: $9.99
shipping discounts -$9.99
estimated taxes: $3.45

your price: $50.90

12-25-11, 04:07 PM
50% off or more on a bunch of titles, separated into 5.99, 9.99, and 14.99 titles:

Lots of titles not listed in the OP above...

Doc Moonlight
12-26-11, 01:44 PM
Was in Target this morning and purchased COMMUNITY SEASON 2 and OFFICE SEASON 7 (both DVD). The register receipt generated a $2 coupon good on Fox/MGM BluRays good until February 20th.

12-27-11, 01:11 PM
Did they add stock for these sales in store at all? I'd like to get Parks and Rec S3, but I have never even seen it at either Target or Walmart.

12-27-11, 01:26 PM
Did they add stock for these sales in store at all? I'd like to get Parks and Rec S3, but I have never even seen it at either Target or Walmart.

Use the "Find in store" feature on Target.com to see if your local Target store has it in stock. On the main webpage search for "Parks and Recreation: Season Three" and then click on the "Find in store" link. It's a great buy at $9.99

12-27-11, 06:46 PM
Did they add stock for these sales in store at all? I'd like to get Parks and Rec S3, but I have never even seen it at either Target or Walmart.
I spent literally 10 minutes looking for a copy. It was not next to S1 or S2 in the TV SHOWS section. Finally found a single copy on one of the four-sided displays on one of the end aisles. Checked it with the self-scanner to verify the $9.99 price :)

12-27-11, 07:53 PM
Dropped by Target earlier today and saw The Borgias DVD/BD set that has the bonus disc. I didn't read it thoroughly, but it said the bonus disc has 45 minutes of extra material.

I like the show and doubt it will be a big seller or sell out anytime soon, so if it drops below $20 in the next 6 months or so, I may pick it up.

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