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View Full Version : is there a fix for hacked sd cards?

12-14-11, 07:50 AM
I bought a bunch of microsd cards from a vendor in China and lo-and-behold they are all hacked. I knew I was taking a risk...

They were supposed to be 16GB cards, but they are actually 4GB cards. Obviously, I don't plan on selling them anymore, but I would like to resize/repartition them to their true capacity so I can at least give them to my friends and stuff to use in phones, mp3 players, etc. and get some use out of them.

Is there a program I can download to fix these? I used "h2test" to determine they were hacked.

12-14-11, 10:40 AM
I'm no expert but found this link while searching for the Linux "equivalent" for h2test.


Look at the section entitled How to "fix" a fake card as it appears you may be able to use fdisk.

Good Luck.


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