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12-04-11, 12:00 PM
I was really stoked about this 11 part Metal Evolution series, but this series, and some other things, are really turning me off.

* In part 1, he talked about the influence of jazz, yet he didn't interview Alex Skolnick, who left metal to study the genre. Instead, he referenced Black Sabbath. Because when you think of jazz influenced rock, you immediately think of Sabbath.

* Last night's episode talked about how British rock bands evolved in the 60s from the blues, but made no mention of Motown, which pretty much every band from that era has cited as an influence. Zep, Who, Bad Co., etc. were all inspired by Motown artists.

* He made that comment in an interview that rap-metal like Korn and Limp Bizkit were good for metal because they brought groove back to metal. Blabbermouth blew up over that idiotic statement.

* His Rush documentary never discussed Neil Peart's time in England, which Peart has said was the most formative time in his life and led to his playing style and lyricism. Sam left a ton out of the Rush doc I thought was far more important than footage of a teenage Alex fighting with his family at the dinner table but that was a ridiculous omission.

Does anyone know if he has a historian or journalist working with him?

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