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Brent L
12-02-11, 09:32 PM
I did a quick search and didn't find anything on this already. I went into a BBV store earlier tonight with my cousin and we noticed this version of Avatar brand new for just $12.xx which is pretty great. He didn't have it, and I told him if he wanted it I'd buy it for him for a Christmas gift, so we picked it up. As far as I know this is still at least around $25 elsewhere or more. It is $27.99 at Amazon right now, and is still $34.xx at Walmart that we saw after we left Blockbuster.

They are also having a sale where you can get three brand new movies of any kind that are $19.99 or under for $25. So if you can find three of these it could be an even better deal.

For some reason you can find incredible deals on brand new stuff in Blockbuster stores sometimes.

Just a heads up.

12-02-11, 09:46 PM
Just goes to show what happens when I assume things, but I'm truly shocked this hasn't had it's own thread before though I can't find one either. I know it's been discussed for several months inside certain threads like the huge "Blockbuster 5 for 20" starting sometime in September maybe and quite a few posts inside the Best Buy "$5 DVD Trade In/Up" thread from October. With so many different forums on bluray and deals, it's sometimes hard to remember where you've read what deal.

Despite some of the harsh (over)reactions against Avatar, this deal surely deserves its own thread of its very own.

12-02-11, 10:58 PM
I picked up this and Toy Story 3 a few months back. Each at that price. It was the last Avatar they had. Still with the normal price sticker on it. Most BBV have closed by me so I rarely visit them much anymore.

12-03-11, 01:36 PM
Despite some of the harsh (over)reactions against Avatar, this deal surely deserves its own thread of its very own.Yeah, it's a great deal for a very good set - the extras are fascinating, though you wonder why with all the years they took to shoot and finish the movie they didn't bother having someone smooth out some of the worst expository dialog in cinematic history. Especially the scene where Ripley (or whatever her name was) stomps off to Giovanni Ratfacei to complain about the Terminator being sent and he explains everything about the floaty rocks (except what they do) and the back history of the planet to a woman who's been their so long that she's taught the Thundersmurfs to sing "Michael Row The Boat Ashore" with choreography. It would've been more organic for Perseus to ask the nerd guy what was going on.

Avatar is like Titanic and The Phantom Menace: A movie that checked tons of bank, but now everyone claims to have both not seen it and not liking, despite evidence to the contrary.

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