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11-24-11, 03:23 PM
im having trouble with my internet speed recently so i went to two sites: speedtest.net and att.com/speedtest

amazingly everytime the att gives me a higher speed - i think they are inflating their own numbers. is this possible? the differences are usually 4 mbps vs 5 mbps (im averaging but att seems around 1 mbps higher each time). are these differences negliable or is att trying to make their speed look faster than it is?

is speedtest.net a legit site?

Kevin M. Dean
11-24-11, 03:42 PM
Speed test sites that are local to your internet provider generally are showing their speed to you within their own network and should be expected to be as fast if not faster than externally hosted speedtests. It's unlikely that they're falsifying the data. You can also have times where it's testing well locally but poorly externally which usually indicates your provider is having connectivity issues with it's connections to other networks. At least this is how it works with my roadrunner connection.

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