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11-19-11, 11:52 AM

Released: October 11, 2011

01. Your Company
02. We Are Good
03. Crossroads
04. Wings Of Desire
05. Only In Your Head
06. Diving Timing
07. Go Back
08. Let Me Fall In Love
09. For Old Times' Sake
10. Last Fall
11. Dokhtar Goochani
12. Now You Know


I had been checking off and on for news on her solo album for a while, but sort of forgot about it during the summer and it looks like it's already been released. Haven't read any reviews or listened to any of the tracks yet, but figured some people who are fans of The Swell Season might be interested in this and have missed it too.

11-19-11, 02:32 PM
Awesome. Thanks for the notice or I would have totally not known. I just checked and the album is on Spotify so I am going to check it out asap.

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