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10-03-00, 05:10 PM
I am thinking of switching to Dish and getting rid of my Directv. It just seems to me you get more for your money with Dish, plus you can get Superstations. I hate paying $31.99 for Total Choice and then $5.00 for the family pack and still get no movies.

Anyway here is my question. Can I take the dish off its pole it came with and put Dish network's dish on it? Then just adjust the wya it is pointing? Will a Dish 500 dish fit on the pole that comes with a Directv system? That way I do not have to do much work, just put the new dish on, unhook Directv receive and hook the connection to Dish.

Also, anyway know what way the Dish network dish has to point? I wanna make sure there is no trees in my way.

Many thanks!

10-03-00, 05:56 PM
It should fit on your old pole. Dish 500 points SW

10-03-00, 08:48 PM
what maks you think Dish is any better than DirecTV?
Superstations??? Very few subscribers know
that some popular Superstations will actually
be going away!!!
Clarify that with Dish and make sure you get
it in writing!!! :-)

10-03-00, 08:52 PM
With Dish I will get some movie channels with my channel subscription. I will have to pay $39.99. With Directv I pay $31.99 + $5.00(family pack) = $36.99 and get no movie channels. Dish has more bang for my buck, even without superstations that Directv doesn't even offer. Would stick with Directv maybe if they put the channels in the fmail pack in with the regular package like Dish does.

Cardiff Giant11
10-03-00, 10:39 PM
I could be wrong, but I was under the impression that since the technology is basically the same(KU Band satellite transmission) you can use your existing DirecTV dish and LNB and just purchase a Dish reciever and reorient the dish. I could be wrong as I don't know if Dish has Dual LNB or Dual dish setups but for your basic setup i think what I have described would work.

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Frank S
10-04-00, 01:40 AM
Yes, the DISH & DirectTV dishes are interchangable but Eternia will want to put up a DISH 500 dish that is a slightly bigger dish (with two LNBF's or a special TWIN LNBF)that can look at the 119 & 110 orbitable positions simultaneously to get the full programming.

Eternia, if you plan on HDTV anytime soon you may want to leave the DirecTV dish and just add the DISH 500 dish and when you go HD you would just re-align the directTV dish to 61.5 for the HD programming.

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10-04-00, 04:52 PM
Frank S hit the nail on the head. The only other factor that may play out here is the possible need to replace your multi-switch if you have more than one receiver. Or as in the case of the Dish 500, to combine the 110 and 119 feeds to a single wire.

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Frank S
10-05-00, 11:27 PM
The DISH 500's come with the needed multi-switches (either a SW42 or 2 SW21 switches) that will combine the 119 & 110 orbital positions into one wire. In the case of the TWIN LNBF there is no extra switches needed as the TWIN has the switches built into the LNBF so you just run one of the two outputs to each receiver.

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