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10-14-11, 11:20 PM
Just bought a Harmony One and I'm trying to find a way to have it turn on my amp, which, up to this point, I've always done manually. I figured well, maybe my pre-amp can do that but after doing some research it looks like a no can do. My Integra DTC 9.8 has 12v triggers (3.5 mm RCA) but the remote on/off feature of my ATI 1505 uses a DB25 connector (pins 11 and 23). And even if I could find a cable with DB25 at one end and 3.5 mm male RCA at the other end, the pre-amp trigger outputs only 100mA and the 1505 needs at least 350mA to engage the trigger.

Now my ATI manual states:

"The Remote Power ON feature allows the ATi 1505 to be turned on and off via a control console, preamplifier, or a simple 12v DC, 500mA transformer (wall mount type)."

So what the heck is that and how would it work? Would that bypass the DB25, i.e. i'd plug the ATI power cable straight into this transformer which then plugs straight into the outlet? And woudn't that transformer need a remote that the Harmony could "learn"?

10-15-11, 09:29 AM
Wow, didn't realize how convoluted those are, you'd think they would work with the industry standard from a CI company like Integra. Maybe someone here will know, but you may have better luck searching/asking at AVS. Or just calling ATI.

I'm sure you wouldn't plug the actual power through a tiny transformer like that, it must mean wired to the DB25. But yeah, you'd need remote. Maybe they sell it?

You could make an adapter cable pretty easily, if the power could work. DB25 connectors are readily available (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16812200292&nm_mc=OTC-Froogle&cm_mmc=OTC-Froogle-_-Adapters+and+gender+changers-_-STARTECH-_-12200292) for DIY.

Wait, does the Integra have switched power outlets on the back? Maybe you would plug the transformer into that, and it would activate when the pre is turned on. But you'd still want a switch, I don't think you leave it on the whole time plugged into the trigger....

10-15-11, 04:31 PM
Yeah, the newer ATI amps all use the standard trigger so I'm not sure why they used the db-25 connector on earlier models... I searched for a while on google last night and didn't find much except this:'

Unfortunately, I still have to turn the 950 and the ATI 1505 on with seperate remotes. The Radio Shack switch came with an RF remote. A 12v DC converter is plugged into the switch and connected to the RS232 port on the back of the ATI. I use the 950 remote to turn on the 950 and the RS RF remote to turn on the ATI. Kind of a pain but I don't seem to have any other choice.

Not the Integra but same problem. Looks like this doesn't use the preamp at all but I'm not sure what the "switch with the RF remote" is or how that all fits together...

I'll do a search directly in AVS to see what turns up.

10-18-11, 01:49 AM
Alright, I asked in the Integra thread on AVS and it looks like the easiest thing to do is use the switched outlet. Plug a 12v 500mA DC adapter in there, cut off the coax plug at the end, get some pins and a bare DB25 male connector, DIY that into a cable and plug that into the ATI. Seems simple enough. :)

10-18-11, 10:21 AM
So someone finally found a use for those outlets.

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