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10-08-11, 08:23 PM
Hey all. I am currently using an Onkyo rc270 with a 6.1 setup. We are in the process of moving and the more I look at my wiring options.. I'm going to run into some problems with getting my wiring to the rear speakers. I want to be able to upgrade to a 7.1 setup, and use a wireless speaker setup. anyone know of any options that i may have? any suggestions would be welcomed!

10-09-11, 01:04 AM
These are starting to exist. Such as:

But note that you still need power. The above has wireless audio, but needs to plug into AC.

10-09-11, 02:58 PM
I have seen some wireless speaker tranmsitters and receivers hitting the market as well. So if you already have a system, it is possible to add wireless to the equation. They do require power, as was stated previous, but there is no wire fronm the receiver to the speaker receivers. There are wires from the speakers that you want to make wireless, to the wireless receiver however. I have not heard anything with these setups, so I cannot speak to their quality.

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