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09-14-11, 04:54 PM
Given the endless Metallica threads on this board I imagine there must be a few experts on the subject.

Lars was on Howard Stern yesterday (or Monday) and he gave a very interesting interview. I am not a big Metallica fan. I admired early stuff, but never owned an album, never liked Black Album much, seemed pretty sell out, haven't heard a note since, no real interest in the band or the genre, just not my thing.

But the interview was really good. Lars talked about his early years and all kinds of stuff I didn't know. That he was a junior tennis player and came to America to attend the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy. What got my interest up is that frequently in the interview he mentioned Newport Beach, Corona Del Mar High School, and that he met James Hetfield while they were both briefly enrolled there. He said it was not making the CDM high school tennis team that made him decide to be a musician.

I didn't go to that high school but I attended one nearby and surprised that I'd NEVER heard that this is where they met. I would think that disaffected Orange County metal heads would brandish this piece of information with great pride. But I'd never heard it. Skimming Wikipedia there is no information about either man ever living in Newport Beach or attending Corona Del Mar HS. CDM does not list either of them as notable alumni.

Can anyone whose read a biography or has any more information shed some light on this for me? Thanks.

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