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10-01-00, 11:10 PM
to leave my subwoofer plugged in when i am not using it? i have an energy take 5 with the 10" sub. or should i just unplug it?

10-01-00, 11:22 PM
You should have an auto-off mode. just set it into that. The amplifier will shut off when it's not receiving an input signal. It will draw a very little amount of current in the standby mode but not much. The only time I completely shut mine off (or unplug it) is when I leave town.

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10-02-00, 05:23 AM
Edclem is right. When not receiving an imput signal, the amp should revert to standby, therefore not sending any power to your sub.

I actually turn the power point of anyway just out of habit.


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