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08-15-11, 02:34 PM
I went to my friends house the other day where he got a nice new Sharp Aquos 60" HDTV. Set up with HD from DirecTV.

We put on some movie channels and Independence Day in particular looked so life like, the picture looked as if it were being filmed Live.

Now, I turned on the "Cinemotion" option on my Sony Bravia and it looked the same way. Very real and life-like, but I don't think this is how movies are intended to be viewed. I popped on a baseball game to see that effect, but didn't notice any difference. Now, just did some reading and know it has to do with the framerate refresh or something

So my question is...should it look live or more film like? What do people mostly prefer, the live effect or non-live effect?

My inclination is the latter, but really not schooled on all things HD yet and was wondering...

08-15-11, 03:03 PM
Being high definition has nothing directly to do with "Cinemotion" or whatever other TV manufacturers call their motion interpolation feature. In my opinion, everything should look as close to the source material as possible, so motion interpolation should NOT be turned on for movies.

But hey, some people like that look for everything so more power to them.

08-15-11, 03:28 PM
Like Kevin said, Motion Interpolation is the culprit here. A few weekends ago I was at my friend's place. He had The Cable Guy playing but it looked like an episode of a soap opera. Very unappealing (for me personally).

Eddie W
08-15-11, 03:31 PM
This is one of those 'features' of HDTV's that leave me scratching my head as to why it even exists. The intent of Blu Ray is to re-create the cinematic experience as closely as possible. And that floaty, soap opera look is definitely not the way movies look in theaters. And as you said, on non-film based sources like sports, it really doesn't make any difference.

08-15-11, 05:24 PM
See also this recent thread: http://forum.dvdtalk.com/dvd-home-theater-gear/592072-just-me-do-led-tvs-have-bad-picture.html

08-15-11, 11:24 PM
How are Live and Natural different?

08-15-11, 11:36 PM
Now every show you watch can look like Doctor Who. Or porno.

milo bloom
08-16-11, 11:50 AM
I've seen that on store model displays and it just looks atrocious. I'd definitely keep it off in most cases.

08-17-11, 04:05 PM
Can someone explain to me what this is exactly. I've seen this effect on TVs before and know it looks different, but cant put my finger on why or how it looks different.

08-17-11, 05:23 PM
^ Here you go: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Motion_interpolation

08-30-11, 01:23 AM
I always wondered what that was, my friends tv does that and it made the dark knight look horrible. I can't do that realistic soap opera look on movies, it just doesn't work imo

Larry C.
08-30-11, 11:33 AM
You have to turn off all the stupid so called enhancements in your TVs menu for video control.

Jay G.
08-31-11, 09:33 AM
I swore I already went over this with scott1598 when he bought his TV. Oh wait, here it is:

FWIW, I recall that "Cinemotion" can be both good and bad, depending on which setting it's on. Some of the settings for it do just reverse telecline, while other settings do both reverse telecline and frame interpolation.

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