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Alan Smithee
08-12-11, 12:16 AM
This is the worst Blu-Ray package I've picked up so far (I know there are worse, but this is the worst of the ones I've actually bought.) They had it in both a Blu-Ray case and a regular DVD-sized case, I bought the Blu-Ray case because it takes up less space but wish I'd gotten the other one now.

There are 3 discs in the package- the Blu-Ray with both movies on it, then 2 regular DVDs, with one movie on each. The 2 DVDs are on the SAME SPINDLE, just stacked on top of each other! This is even dumber than those overlapping cases! The printing on the DVDs is plain grey too (the Blu-Ray is full color), they should've made it a 2-sided disc. I don't really see the point of including standard DVDs with a Blu-Ray anyways, but they didn't charge extra for them here and it looks like there's a couple extras on each one that aren't on the Blu-Ray.

I hate how the 2-disc Blu and HD-DVD cases have the spindle on the left side UNDER the printed insert too. Since I'm obsessive, disc 1 has to be on the left but then the insert gets in the way taking the disc out (and no, I'm not going to throw the inserts out, even if it's irrelevant advertising crap.) This is especially a pain with those sets where the 2nd disc is a "digital copy" which I have no interest in using, but again am not going to throw out because it's part of the package.

This title of course has my other big pet peeve- a cardboard slipcover that isn't shrinkwrapped. I could've gotten this at Best Buy for $2 less, but since they stick price tags right on the slipcovers I had to buy it at Target since they don't stick anything on their stuff.

08-13-11, 10:31 AM
I bought mine at Best Buy and all of the stickers on this set peeled right off. it is kind of a weekly guessing game as to "will peel off easily or should I break out some Goo Gone?" Personally with BD combo sets I prefer the BD on the right side, because that's the disc that'll get the most play.

milo bloom
08-15-11, 11:09 AM
I actually found this used a few weeks ago at Half Price books. Someone must have gotten it through the Disney movie club and sold it already. Anyways, it's the Blu+DVD combo and it's in the DVD sized case. It uses a two sided swing arm for the two DVDs, and the Blu is on the base hub.

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