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milo bloom
07-13-11, 10:36 AM
So the giant empty store where the Circuit City used to be in the local shopping center is finally being filled by an hhgregg. Never really heard anything about them but I understand they're electronics and appliances.

Any views on them?


07-13-11, 10:41 AM
The one in Downers is going to be about half a mile away from the lone Fry's in the area. I can't imagine Fry's is happy about that.

07-13-11, 10:41 AM
the place is commission based so on one hand you can haggle on almost all big purchases, on the other hand the second you walk in you are bombarded.

So it gets a middle of the road meh from me.

07-13-11, 10:48 AM
I've bought some appliances from them in the past and it's been a good experience. The one I used to visit had a "scratch & dent" section, and I came away with some good deals.

07-13-11, 12:20 PM
They just opened up a new one here a couple months ago (first one in the area and first I've ever been to). Heh, and they moved into a vacated Circuit City here too!
I really just went in to look around, nothing I specifically needed. But prices didn't really seem anything special, standard B&M pricing. They did have a quite large tv section, and a good selection of appliances. They had other electronics too, but smaller selection than Best Buy on those (who is right across the street from them). I could see myself going back if I needed an appliance, but don't really see myself patronizing the store very often.

milo bloom
07-13-11, 01:55 PM
The one in Downers is going to be about half a mile away from the lone Fry's in the area. I can't imagine Fry's is happy about that.

Yeah, I just noticed that today at lunch. Believe that used to be a Harlem furniture store. And I was just in the Fry's at lunch too! Does hhgregg have DVDs/Blurays also? Their website doesn't seem to indicate it.

The other one is in Bloomingdale, in the big strip mall with the Walmart and the Best Buy.

07-13-11, 10:01 PM
They opened a store near me about 18 months ago in a former CC store and I have been there maybe 5 times. From my experiences the sales people pounce on you when comming into the store. The Sunday advetisements are sketchy at best as in not mentioning model # or who the manufactuer is. They do not sell Dvd's or CD's but I think they do sell beds.... Given the choice of killing time in a BB or HHgregg, I would go with BB... Do not know about on-line dealings with them.

07-14-11, 01:27 AM
The entire chain is a cleaner version of the old Circuit City business, except they completely dropped all media products like DVDs. It is run by former Circuit City executives. The weekly ads are useless and only visit if you want to haggle with salespeople.

07-14-11, 10:03 AM
At least for the electronics, they don't necessarily have top of the line products like a Magnolia or other speciality A/V store. However, they do have a wide selection and their large appliances are a wide range as well. If you want small appliances you'd be better off going to BBB or Macys since HHG's selection is low. The one benefit I did find to the commission is that the people have more knowledge of the products than people in BB, Target, Sears, etc.

07-15-11, 12:32 PM
The one near me is usually a few bucks less than Best Buy. I still rarely go there.

07-30-11, 10:34 PM
I wasn't really impressed with my local store, but I wasn't in the market for a large electronics purchase. I was disappointed they didn't stock dvds.

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