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09-25-00, 06:07 AM
marantz is a great match for nht`s...not sure about prices though...ts

09-25-00, 07:01 AM
I recently bought pioneer DV-333 and
NHT superOne (pair) and NHT superCenter.
Yeah, I am missing a receiver. I am thinking to buy Yamaha's. I was told that to drive NHT speakers, I need at least 100watt/channel, so I am thinking to go with HTR-5250.

I found in many reviews that both Yamaha and NHT tend too bright..
Sounds like they are not well matched.

Could you please suggest me some decent receivers for NHT? I am thinking to spend around $500 to get one.

Thank you in advance

09-25-00, 06:20 PM
The Marantz sr7000 is a good pick, but will run $650.

I thought the Onkyo575X was a good match for low sensitivity NHT speakers (Sup 1, 1.5, 2.5i, AC-1) for around $450. It's a high current amp that'll give clean power, especially to Sup 1's. The dynamic power specs are quite good.

It's "only" rated 70 watts, but the difference between a real 70 Watts and real 100 Watts is only 1.5 dB in max SPL level - hardly a difference in headroom.

Perhaps even more importantly, Onkyo's 70 watts are a clean, REAL 70 watts - 20-20000 Hz, no clipping or crap. Some other "100w" amps are not as honestly spec'd (Kenwood, Sony non-ES, Pioneer non-Elite, recent Yamaha).

The 575X can be little dark (vs bright) in stereo mode, which is a nice balance for a NHT sup 1. Plus it has Re-EQ for DVD, so you should be able to take off any edge or brightness.

The downside is if you listen at LOUD volumes, since Sup 1s have fairly low sensitivity.In that case, a separate amp (150W-300W) is a better choice, since 100W vs 70W just won't buy you that much.

For a modest volume (75-85 dB), the 575 was fine powering my NHT 1.5s (very similar to Sup 1s) in a 10"x15" room. Did a credible job even powering towers 2.5i.

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09-26-00, 06:03 PM
I have the following set-up and am very pleased with the sound.

NHT SuperOnes(2)
NHT SuperCenter
NHT SuperZeros(2)
Pioneer DV-414 DVD
Onkyo TX-DS575 receiver

the Onkyo provides very crisp, clean sound for the NHT's. i have not pushed the receiver to the limit...but my wife thinks i have sometimes. http://talk.dvdtalk.com/ubb/smile.gif


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