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05-03-11, 08:45 PM
I am having a problem I'm hoping someone can help!

I have a new oppo bdp93 tonight!

I am using an 18 month old pioneer elite sc25 receiver... because it is only hdmi 1.3, I am using both hdmi 1 & 2 outputs on my oppo - 1 goes to the receiver - 2 goes to the mitsubishi 3d adapter box which of course connects to my tv...

if I watch a standard dvd or blu, it is utilizing only hdmi 1 and I get perfect sound to the receiver & speakers and picture to my tv...

if I watch a 3d blu ray, it is sending the picture to the adapter then to the tv thru hdmi 2... but I am not getting ANY sound to my receiver... it's as if it is cutting off hdmi 1 (which of course the manual says it does not - that both send the same signal output)...

ANY suggestions would be welcome!

05-05-11, 09:26 AM
My first suggestion for everything related to the Oppo would be to go to the owner thread at AVS Forum. Every question/issue you could think of is discussed there and many of the Beta testers hang out there answering questions.

As for your specific issue, the Oppo does have some quirks with HDMI1 audio when using HDMI2 as the primary video output. That is the opposite of it's intended design, which is to use HDMI1 as the output with HDMI2 available for hookup to your AVR if it will not do 3D passthrough. Yes, HDMI2 does do video output, but it doesn't use the new chipset to do it. I am not completely familiar with the Mits 3D adaptor box, can 2D not pass through it? From the Oppo perspective, they would say to go HDMI1 to the adaptor then to the TV for all video (if this is possible) and HDMI2 to the Pio for all audio. If that isn't possible, then I recommend reading through the thread I mentioned above for other alternatives. If nothing else, you'll learn more about the Oppo then you ever imagined.

05-06-11, 12:52 AM
oppo players do not have the checkerboard. I read that the 2010 model 100,300, and 350 and also 2011 models 110,210, and 310 can do the checkerboard.


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