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09-22-00, 04:18 PM

I FINALLY got my subwoofer so that I can enjoy the full Dolby Digital 5.1 experience at home. I hooked it up to my receiver last night and plugged in my Pink Floyd the Wall DVD and used its speaker check function to test it.

The left, center, right and both surrounds worked perfectly and when the little sound waves surrounded the little subwoofer icon on my tv screen.... NOTHING. I turned off Dolby Digital and heard a definite sound coming out of my front speakers when the subwoofer was to be tested, but with Dolby Digital on I get no sound at all from my subwoofer.

I have a JVC RX-884VBK receiver and a KLH 80 Watt receiver.

Here is all the steps I took to try and solve the problem:

*I checked to make sure the powered subwoofer was on and getting power. It was. I get feedback if I key the RCA cable on the plugs.
*I checked to make sure it was plugged in properly to the receiver. Yep. My one question with this is... Which low level input do I plug my one mono out jack from the receiver into, the right or the left? Does it matter? Do I need a RCA cable that splits so it takes a mono signal places it in both channels?
*I tried plugging the one cable into first the right then the left with no result.
*I tried another cable that I knew was carrying a clean signal to my TV.
*I turned up the volume on my subwoofer.
*I cranked up the volume on my receiver.
*I made sure my receiver knew I had a Subwoofer. It has two settings: Subwoofer Yes and Subwoofer No. I know that no bass signals were going to the front speakers because when I put it on "Subwoofer No" the signal went to the front speakers.

Can anyone give me some suggestions? The receiver book is useless. I'm going to try my service center but they are probably going to tell me to either take back the receiver or bring it in to the shop. Any help would be much appreciated.


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09-22-00, 04:44 PM
I believe you need to hook up BOTH connections on the sub. The monster cabl I bought for mysub came with two cords (a long one and a very short one) and a T-connection. You plug the short cable into the left, then the T-ceonnection into the right. Then connect the short cable into the T-connection and finally hook the long cable from your receiver to the last connection on the T-connection. If that makes sense to you.

Sub L--|
Sub R--T-----------receiver

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09-22-00, 04:53 PM
I just looked at my subwoofer manual again and it reads:

"If your receiver has only one subwoofer output, connect it to the subwoofer's /Mono input, leaving the other subwoofer input without connection."

Have you tried it without a signal going to both the right and the left subwoofer inputs?
I don't have a T-connector so I have not tried that yet.

It's probably worth a shot.

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