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04-13-11, 12:34 AM
I searched on this site (and many others) and couldn't find anything about this... but does anybody know anything about some Sony TV DVDs that were released with tin cases??? I was at Half Price Books a few days ago and found several brand new season sets of a handful of shows (namely, Who's the Boss? S1, Hart to Hart S1, SWAT S1, and a few others) that were packaged in these tin cases. The tin cases were updated with newer Sony logos in place of the old Columbia Tristar logos (in the case of WTB) and all had copyright dates of 2009. I bought Who's the Boss? and Hart to Hart, and inside the tin case was just the regular DVD set as previously packaged. I'm just curious as to whether or not anybody knows anything about these, why they were packaged like this, etc. I can't find anything about this online at all!

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