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09-19-00, 11:34 PM
Here's my situation. I have a 32" TV with S video, Toshiba SD2200 DVD Player (w/Dolby Digital decoding), a VCR, non-digital cable, and NO receiver. I do have a 70 X 2 shelf stereo that I was thinking about connecting to my TV (I figure those speakers would be better than the ones my TV has), but considering how little I know about HT, I don't know the best way to connect my equipment. I would really appreciate some suggestions on this, and if you have any cable recommendations please share. I know Monster has great stuff, but they make so many different types of cable, I'm not sure where to begin.

Thanks for helping me make the best out of my sub-par system.

09-20-00, 01:24 AM
I'd suggest you get a receiver. Then you have to buy speakers, and you just get into the whole HT thing. If you don't wanna go that way (that's what it sounds like)....

I'd hook just hook the DVD player to the stereo, and that'd be it for the sound. If you start running all the sound through the tv you WILL notice a drop in quality. If you don't care, hook everything (all the sound) to the TV then hook the tv to the stereo.

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