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02-27-11, 11:58 AM
I tried searching on this issue, but didn't have much luck. And sorry first for the length of this post, and of the subject line, but I wanted to put all the info out there so we weren't doing a lot of the back and forth filling in details.

My current situation is this: I am finally making the move into the 21st century by getting a flat screen, Blu-Ray, HDTV, etc.

Because of an EPP for Panasonic through work, I've decided on the upcoming TC-P55ST30 (55" 3D plasma) due out in the March/April time frame.

The TV is one of their 3D models, which isn't all the important to me, but because the price of the 2011 models is so much lower than the 2010 models (made even lower by the EPP), and mostly because (at least now) the only Panasonic model in the mid to upper 50 inch range is this 3D one.

The item I am choking on is the Blu-ray player however. Back when I first looked into this a few years ago, the PS3 was the player of choice since most of the retail models were buggy and expensive...the PS3 with the wifi was one of the only ones to allow easy firmware updates, and it wasn't as expensive. Obviously much had changed in the interim.

So I went into my research with the PS3 in mind, but wanted to look at the whole range of options. I currently game on the xbox 360, and am fully satisfied there. While there aren't that many PS3 exclusives I would want, save for The Show, I wouldn't mind having another gaming option...though I would mainly use it for the BR capabilities.

As I started researching further, this is where the issue crept in...and I am putting it out to all of you on how important an issue it is, and also if the TV would be able to eliminate said issue.

I read that the HDMI on the PS3 is 1.3, which limits 3D output to 1080i for each of the two images. I also read you need 1.4 for 1080p output for both images. Now I say "limits" but 1080i is still really good...but my thinking is that with an effect like 3D, which already has the potential of messing with the eyes and brain due to the way our brain is tricked into seeing the 3D images, that you would want those images to be as clear as possible...hence 1080p. Am I over thinking that?

My other question is...would this even be an issue, since Panasonic added the 2D to 3D conversion capabilities with their new sets? My thinking is that I could just output a single image from the PS3 at 1080p, which would be within the capabilities of the HDMI 1.3, and then have the TV do the conversion from 2D to 3D. Or would that cause a reduction in picture as well (instead of the using the native "written on disc" 3D image)? Which would put us back to square one.

So, I guess all this could probably be boiled down to: even though 3D isn't super important to me, since I am starting from scratch and the 3D stuff is available, and cheaper than before, why not buy stuff that is all on the same page and will display both 2D and 3D video to the best of its abilities? With that in mind, is the PS3 a good choice, or should I look into a standalone BR player that supports 3D and has HDMI 1.4?

And as a side note...what's the deal with 2D to 3D conversion anyway? Could I get HDTV programming, like hockey or baseball, and "turn it into a 3D experience"? Since it wasn't filmed that way, does it look lame? Is it more blurry? In other words, is that a good thing, or just so so?

02-27-11, 12:17 PM
If 3D is important to you (with lossless sound) then consider a standalone player. Otherwise the PS3 is still a solid overall value.

I just ordered the DMP-BDT210 (http://www2.panasonic.com/consumer-electronics/shop/Video/Blu-ray-Disc-Players/model.DMP-BDT210_11002_7000000000000005702?cm_mmc=Ecom-Google-_-G-products-searchfeeds-_-G-shop-products-_-DMP-BDT210) for a friend. If you don't need built in wireless you can go with the 110. Both are just coming out now.

Here's a preview (http://www.bigpicturebigsound.com/Hands-On-with-Panasonic-s-2011-Blu-ray-Players.shtml) of the new models.

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