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05-24-00, 07:48 AM
As in Cracksky's post:

"Go to www.carclub.com (http://www.carclub.com) and enter the Priority Code 3026 at bottom of screen. 30 day free no risk trial"

It doesn't matter a toss if you're overseas, just enter a bogus home address and use hotmail for e-mail. When they ask for a credit card, use a webcertificate, which costs you nothing.

Then email and cancel. Worked fine for me and $15 GC arrived in a couple of days.

Too easy. Though the company might not like it.


05-24-00, 11:08 AM
What do you mean use a web certificate?

05-24-00, 12:11 PM
Go to www.webcertificate.com (http://www.webcertificate.com) and register. It'll probably take a little while for it to be activated though. They give you a number that works like a Mastercard.

05-25-00, 12:49 AM

How did you get around the email address checking when obtaining the free webcertificate ?

05-25-00, 01:03 AM
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by delboy:
How did you get around the email address checking when obtaining the free webcertificate ?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

I'm pretty sure I just used my regular Australian address, but if you can't use your own, which I assume you've tried, use a sofcom one, as they'll send you notification when you get new mail, which is better that hotmail or yahoo.

Kumar J
05-25-00, 02:35 AM
How about the US address. Once they find out that you gave a bogus account, as the letter they send might come back to them!So they might try to do something.

05-25-00, 02:57 AM
that'll take a while though, and all they know is your e-mail address, what can they do, cancel a gift certificate you've already added to your account?

Kumar J
05-25-00, 04:25 AM
Yeah gonna send them CD Universe address.Thats the only address i can come up at US that i hate the most

05-25-00, 05:03 AM
My suggestion (Kumar, you've heard this before) is to use a hotel address. The hotel may think you're a guest that hasn't checked in yet and may hold on to the letter for some time before sending it back. That should buy you some days till you get your GC. What do you think?

Kumar J
05-25-00, 07:05 AM
That also i considered Anali...well since i got some hotel address here..Well i am sure thats the right one so that i get the deal

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