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02-04-11, 07:13 PM
Anyone got experience there? I was looking for some place that had Sennheiser PC360s in stock since both NewEgg and Amazon were out for some stupid reason and was notified after I ordered that these idiots were out of them too. I immediately emailed back saying to cancel the order yesterday and haven't been updated yet. I tried calling and the damn 800 number just tells you to leave a message. For an authorized Sennheiser dealer, these guys seem like assholes. I found some place else to ship me the headset I wanted, so I have to make sure this order gets canceled. They're not supposed to restock until the 16th anyway, so if nothing else, I guess I have time to block the charge. How the hell does a $250 headset sell out at 5 different sites at the same time, anyway? It's not the holidays, and it's not some hot new item. I don't get it.

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