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01-01-11, 12:26 AM
I have the following dvds for trade.

The Ruling Class Criterion Sealed New
8 1/2 Criterion Sealed New
Lord of the Flies Criterion Sealed New
Samurai 1 Criterion Sealed New
The Lower Depths Criterion
Bergman Island Criterion (artwork somewhat damaged)
The Red Shoes Criterion Original
Grey Gardens Criterion

Jean Luc Godard Essential Directors 4 disc set New Sealed
Werner Herzog Essential Directors 2 disc set New Sealed

Apocalypse Now Complete Dossier
Death Proof Steelbook
Sleeping Beauty Disney 2disc
The Incredibles Disney 2disc Fullscreen

The International Blu-Ray
Leatherheads Blu-Ray
Moon Blu-Ray
An Education Blu-Ray
Coco Before Chanel Blu-Ray
Adoration Blu-Ray

I am looking for the following titles-

Arsenic and Old Lace
1900 2disc set
The Best of Youth
Network 2disc set
Hideous Kinky
Tender Mercies
The Last Detail
Les Vampires
Poison (Haynes)
Children of Heaven

First Films of Akira Kurosawa Eclipse set

A Night to Remember
The Naked Kiss New
Shock Corridor New
Oliver Twist
Nanook of the North
Andrei Rublev
Henry V
The Most Dangerous Game
The Bank Dick
The Element of Crime
The Harder They Come
Fiend Without a Face
Withnail and I
The Shop on Main Street
The Last Wave
Bob Le Flambeur
Red Beard
A nous la Liberte
Under the Roofs of Paris
Trouble in Paradise
By Brakhage Complete Set blu
The White Shiek
Il Posto
The Pornographers
Richard III
The Devil and Daniel Webster
Diary of a Country Priest
Early Summer
Fighting Elegy
Casque D'or
Thieves Highway
Night and the City
F for Fake
Unfaithfully Yours
Le Notti Bianche
Story of a Prostitute
An Angle at my Table
The Tales of Hoffmann
Young Mr. Lincoln
Stranger Than Paradise
Martha Graham Dance on Film
Berlin Alexanderplatz
Drunken Angel
Classe Tous Risques
Hobsons Choice
Dodes Ka Den
That Hamilton Women
Howards End Blu
A Christmas Tale Blu or dvd
The Golden Age of Television
Dillinger is Dead
The Only Son/There was a Father
L'enfance Nue
The Darjeeling Limited Blu
The Night of the Hunter Blu
Broadcast News Blu
Fish Tank
Still Walking

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