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12-28-10, 01:19 AM
Twice in the past four weeks, I've purchased BDs from Amazon that had an offer clearly that clearly stated I would get a secondary email from Amazon that would include a code for $5 of VOD credit - I've yet to receive either of those "secondary" emails. Has anyone else had this problem? Do I contact general customer service, or is there a specific department I should go through? Email or phone? (I'm asking such odd questions because I know those of you who've dealt with Amazon's customer service before know what works best.)

Any input/assistance you can provide would be MOST appreciated! :)

12-28-10, 02:40 AM
Well, I also purchased many dvd's from Amazon this season, and was also under the impression I would be receiving $5 VOD credit for each of my purchases. However, this apparently is not what they had in mind. The "offers" that show under the movie are just offers that are available, and are not supposed to indicate you'll be receiving $5 VOD credit for that purchase. But, like you, I was under the impression I would. I emailed them about this matter and received and email stating I wasn't eligible for the $5 VOD, as i had not met all their requirements (though they don't state what they would be). Not being happy with that result, I used their contact me feature, and they phoned me and I was able to talk to somebody from Amazon. I explained to her what my interpretation of their offer was, and she went through my purchases and did offer me $5 for each of the movies I had purchased (6 in total). That was unexpected, I really only wanted an explanation.

Anyhow, hope that helps. I'd say use their contact me feature and talk to somebody there.

12-28-10, 05:25 AM
I got mislead by that too. It does say in their promo details: "Limit of one promotional code per customer. " But I dont think most people would see it that way. Anyways, you are lucky you got that deal Epilady. My customer service rep didnt do anything for me.

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