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11-06-10, 02:14 PM
Vague title, but I have a nice little list of things I'd like to sell or trade:

*These are all new unless noted otherwise*
I'm not willing to sell a single lower price title so 2 or more on those.

I'm located in USA, and am presently only interested in USA sales/trades.
Preferred payment method is Paypal. I ship items with First Class Mail if possible. $30+ purchase is Priority Mail, or add $2 to any sub $30 purchase to get it (if necessary).


Fallen Angels $13.50
Happy Together $13.50 (WKW films together for $25 shipped)

Ballast - $14


Psycho 2-disc SE Legacy Series $10
Vertigo 2-disc SE Legacy Series $15 (Hitchcock films together for $23 shipped)

Taxidriver 2-disc SE in the digibook style packaging - $7.50 (used, in great condition)

Andre Techine 4-film Collector's edition - $SOLD$

Yojimbo/Sanjuro CC re-issue dvd box set - $SOLD$

3 Films by Louis Malle CC dvd set - $SOLD$

The 400 Blows Essential Arthouse Collection - $8 (used, great condition)

Rashomon Essential Arthouse Collection - $8 (used, great condition)

Spirited Away 2-disc SE (region 1 USA release) - $10 (used, great condition) *Has 'used' sticker on back of case $SOLD$

Arrested Development Season 2 in the slip cover - $8.50 (used, good condition) *Outer cover has some wear. Discs in great condition)

My Wants:


On blu-ray:
The Maltese Falcon
Treasures of the Sierra Madre

On dvd:
Film noirs
Kurosawa Eclipse Series
Drunken Angel CC
Sword of the Beast CC
Youth of the Beast CC
Hiroshi Teshigahara CC

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