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10-26-10, 03:45 PM
Has anyone read the first book the Way of the Kings? it is over 1,000 pages long, Is it worth the length? Just want to know before I jump into another Wheel of Time style series.

10-27-10, 02:20 PM
I enjoyed it. If you like Sanderson, you'll like this one too. It didn't feel like 1000+ pages to me after I finished reading it, but then again, I can't stand Sanderson's magic user action scenes, so I skipped through most of those.

10-27-10, 04:59 PM
I feel like I should point out that it's Brandon Sanderson, not Robert... but I'm making my way through Way of Kings currently... it's pretty good so far... only 200 pages into it though...

10-28-10, 02:34 PM
I picked up the book, and it weighed around 5 pounds and was the size of the Webster Dictionary. Might jump into this later

10-28-10, 05:25 PM
Yeah, that thread title needs to be changed.

I've been posting about this book for a while here, nobody has replied to any of them, so I figured there weren't any fans here, I know there isn't much interest in fantasy here (unless they make a movie out of something).

Anyway, I absolutely loved this book. I cannot recommend it enough for fantasy fans. Its It is dense as hell and its really just a 1,000 page book of all set-up, but as least to me, the book never drags, once you get into the characters (especially Kaladan) you can't put the thing down. But it is completely engrossing, and as good as any first chapter of any fantasy series I've ever read, right up there with A Game of Thrones which is my all-time favorite. This book does all the things right that so many fantasy series fail in. He creates a unique magic system with an extemely well structred and fresh new world and a couple of really great characters that are all wonderfully flawed and complex.
I'm just floored by how Sanderson can put out so much quality work so quickly.

The only down side is that Sanderson said this book took him 10 years to finally get on paper, so one has to wonder when we will ever see the next one.


10-29-10, 01:21 PM
He commented on his blog that he's targeting to finish the WoT series in early 2012, and then for Stormlight Archive 2 to come out in late 2012 or early 2013 with book 3 to follow a year later.

10-29-10, 08:36 PM
I really dug this book too. I think it drags on in a few places but overall its a great world and a great start of an epic series. I am currently in a re-read of it.

11-01-10, 01:01 PM
I tried to change the title..but I guess I cant?

11-19-10, 05:47 PM
I tried to change the title..but I guess I cant?

PM a mod.

12-06-10, 01:15 PM
Just finished this book and loved it. Can't wait for the next in the series.

12-09-10, 02:24 PM
I'm glad someone has posted about this. I want to read it. I love what he's done with the WOT and I've enjoyed the Mistborn series and Warbreaker. I'll prob. wait for a while to read it though. Two years or longer is a little long between books.

12-09-10, 10:41 PM
Two years or longer is a little long between books.

Allow me to introduce you to George R. R. Martin.

01-17-11, 11:07 AM
The Way of Kings manages to maintain interest over the length but only just. It's not as good as Elantris or Warbreaker and I'm a bit shocked he proposes this should be a ten book series. But, if you like Sanderson's style, you should probably read it.

02-19-11, 10:46 PM
I don't think the 2 year wait is a big deal really. He has some pretty understandable other commitments in finishing wheel of time. He has also said that he plans to write 2 stormlight books and then 1 non stormlight for the series duration which is pretty reasonable as well. Keep in mind this is the guy who takes a break from writing epics ... and writes other books as his break.

02-20-11, 07:59 PM
Two years in between isn't too horrible, but how many books in the series? I just don't have the desire to spend ten or twenty years on a story anymore.

Edit: Just saw its supposed to be ten parts... *sigh* Can't do it. I'll be 60 years old when its done.

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