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10-01-10, 08:19 AM
A few questions if anyone has Axiom's blu-ray release of Wender's Wings of Desire:

--Most importantly, do the English subtitled on the main feature also subtitle the spoken English? The US MGM release did have this option, but Criterion's blu-ray offers only subtitles for when characters are speaking German. I hate this practice of Criterion when it comes to a film in multiple languages - I find it very distracting...it's made worse in Wings of Desire because there are a lot of voice overs/people's thoughts that's hard to pick out because they're often in whispers or mumbling half-thoughts.

--Is the audio commentary different from the Criterion blu-ray? I've read that it's from the same sessions as Criterion's, but edited differently...and also read that it's the exact same.

--What bonus features are lost on the Axiom release?

Being one of my all-time favorite films I was thrilled when Criterion released it...but extremely disappointed about the subtitling issues cited above.


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