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Tim Tucker
09-27-10, 10:40 AM
I've been looking for some replacements for my broken I Spy season sets, and by chance found them here:


Reasonably priced, too, though shipping is on the high side.

Malano L
09-29-10, 10:40 PM
I prefer the THINpak cases. The hub is smooth and allows the discs freedom of movement. I find the Scanavo cases to be a bit rough on the discs when attaching and releasing them.

Tim Tucker
09-30-10, 04:51 PM
I'm not the biggest fan of Scanavo, either, but if you want to replace a broken Scanavo case with the exact same type of case (and I am OCD enough to want to do that), at least you can find them here. Scanavo cases are difficult to find.

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