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View Full Version : 'Prospero's Books' & 'Baby of Macon' from Atlantic Films (Sweden)

08-26-10, 04:56 PM

since I'm on the Peter Greenaway topic, these two film were recently released in Sweden, some online stores don't have this in stock.

The Baby of Macon (DVD and Bluray)
Prospero's Books (DVD only)

the discs reportedly have removeable subtitles.

09-13-10, 12:56 PM
the bluray of 'Baby of Macon' is playable on US region A bluray players.

one wonders if Atlantic was allowed to release the promised bluray of 'Prospero's Book' on bluray - how'd it look, the image is passable on the DVD, but the sharpness of hidefinition would have been highly beneficial. The 2.0 sound is quite good and when played back in surround sound is really remarkable.

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