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08-02-10, 06:50 PM
The two most iconic French New Wave filmmakers. Allons-y!

And yes, I am bored at work.

08-02-10, 06:57 PM
Not even close for me.

But I can watch Jules & Jim a thousand times & still not get sick of it.

08-02-10, 07:00 PM
That's funny, I find Jules et Jim to be too slow, and I think the 400 Blows is flat out boring. However, the later Antoine Doinel films are quite good (except the 5th one, which is a reader's digest of the other movies). Truffaut is hit and miss for me. Godard, on the other hand, exploded what film could be in the 60's. The repercussions can still be felt today. His best films bend time and character and genre. Alphaville is my personal favorite.

08-02-10, 08:22 PM
i remember watching a bit of Contempt w/ Jack Palance and it was pretty good and had a good visual look. Btw Fellini should be in a poll.

Solid Snake
08-02-10, 08:49 PM
Truffaut I prefer to watch over and over. Godard is the better filmmaker though...but....Truffaut for me. Love his childlike view of things in a way..he's..odd but very enjoyable to me.

Norm de Plume
08-02-10, 09:39 PM
I would't rank either very high on a list of French filmmakers, but Godard's pretentious opacity is insufferable, so I guess Truffaut by default.

08-02-10, 09:45 PM
Hilarious that people still regard Godard highly.

08-02-10, 09:50 PM
In terms of most important non-US directors, I'd put Godard at the top.

08-02-10, 09:58 PM
Truffaut. He may very well be my favorite film-maker now. I've loved every film I've seen from him (so far); He perfectly captures the essence of why I love cinema which is quite a feat.

08-02-10, 10:03 PM
Wait wasn't Godard a Maoist? that's not right Jim. I'm usually for the art=artist side but i'll make an exception for him.

08-02-10, 10:11 PM
Godard, one of the most important and influential directors of all time.

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