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06-29-10, 09:31 AM
I have a Netbook with a 32GB SSD. When I configured my system initially, I set it up as dual boot - 8GB for Linux, 24GB for Windows XP. It's been over a year now and I think I've played with Linux maybe a half-dozen times, so now I want to delete that partition and reclaim the whole 32GB for use by Windows - I would prefer a single 32GB partition, but if it's easier and safer to just turn the other 8GB over to Windows and have two logical drives, 24GB + 8GB, I'm okay with that too. Of course, as it stands now Windows cannot see the other 8GB, which is what I want to change.

I found some help here: http://www.technixupdate.com/how-to-uninstall-linux-in-dual-boot-installed-with-windows-xp/

There is a simple procedure to uninstall or delete linux by following a step by step procedure illustrated below and it is tested by me and safe also.

Requirements: You need a windows 98 startup disk or windows 98 bootable floppy .

How to do it:

1. Boot up in Windows xp.
2. Start>>control panel>>administrative tools>>computer management
3. Go to disk management under “storage”
4. Select your hard disk and then the linux partition.
5. Delete the linux partition this will delete linux and grub.
6. Now reboot your laptop with windows 98 start up disc or floppy and type the command “fixmbr” .
7. Above command will repair ur bootloader and rewrite ntldr which will replace corrupted grub.
8. Thats it done now boot your laptop or desktop normally it will be booted by default in windows xp.

Problem: My netbook has neither an optical nor a floppy drive. I can change to boot sequence via BIOS to make it boot from a USB thumb drive, but don't know whether a USB optical drive would work. And even if it does, I don't know if the steps outlined above will leave the data on my existing 24GB partition alone. If this procedure has the net effect of making my 24GB partition grow to consume the full 32GB SDD - great! But is there an easier/safer way to go about this, even if it means I end up with two logical drives that add up to 32 instead of just one?

All I want is for Windows to have access to the full 32GB and that I don't risk losing anything during the process.

E. Honda
06-29-10, 01:20 PM
Connect a USB CD-RW or DVD drive
Boot from XP install disc
Go into installer, as far as you can see the partitions listed
Delete the partition that has linux
Power off, disconnect USB drive and reboot back into Windows
Format 8 Gb partition as you see fit

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