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05-25-10, 06:30 PM
First up is my used Black DSi. It's been used for about 15 hours and comes with the Box, Manuals qnd AC Adapter. I will be resetting it to factory defaults when I ship it (Has 1 game installed and 800 points...I have no idea what happens when I reset everything back to Factory settings). As far as I can see there are no scratches/marks on the screen and the system itself is in really good condition. Only selling since we upgraded to DSi XLs.
Price : $130 Shipped

Up for sale is my White DS Lite (with box and manual)
The DS Lite turns and works fine. There is a crack on the right hinge, but it does not affect the DS at all. No scratches on the screen from what I can see, and the unit itself is pretty clean (some dirt where the clear plastic meets the white plastic). This is better than anything you will likely find at Game Stop used. NO AC Adapter is included (can't find it, sorry. The unit is charged though).
Price: $110 Shipped

05-28-10, 11:00 AM

06-01-10, 08:00 PM
Anything on my list interest you? Please let me know, thanks.

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