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05-25-10, 04:46 PM
Prices include shipping; First Class or Priority with delivery confirm (bubble envelopes likely). I despise Media Mail. Paypal only, since I keep hearing about fake money orders. I'll also only do business with U.S. residents that are established here or on ebay. My ebay feedback (http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=vipr187666&ftab=AllFeedback) is all good, but a bit lacking. I only ever sold a couple things on there and it's been years. I've been a member there since 2002 though, so it should be obvious that I'm not in the habit of screwing anyone over. Feedback on my pricing is welcome. I'm open combo deals to save you a little and get rid of things easier. I just won't give the stuff away, since I'd rather stack it in a closet than waste my time shipping it etc for nothing. I also have a bunch of magazines (EGM/EGM2/Gamepro/Tips N tricks/Nintendo Power) that I can post lists of if anyone would be interested, as well as some of those folded posters that used to come with games or in magazines. Mostly from the mid to late 90s and 2000-2001. I'd probably run those $4 an issue, 3 for $10, or like 20 for $50. Note: Pics link to full size images. If you want a pic of anything specific, let me know. It takes a while to upload 2 meg images on dialup, so I only did a few items. lol

Dreamcast Browser 2.0 (sealed-cardboard sleeve version) and Generator demo disc volume 2 (minty-I put the disc in a slim case, but I have the sleeve) - $5 for the pair

WWE Day of Reckoning 2 (great/mint) - $10

Xbox 360
Konami Classics Volume 1 (mint) - $10
Project Gotham Racing 4 (mint) - $10

NOTE: These are all DISC ONLY unless noted otherwise, and the old stuff generally wasn't stored well, so they have marks and scratches. I'll retest items before commiting to sales, but I have every reason to believe all discs are readable (just not pretty). Don't blame me if you can't get things running on Vista, etc. They're OLD! They'll mostly be in slim CD cases, but some are standard or multi-disc jewel cases.
Deer Avenger 4 - the Rednecks Strike Back (2001) (mint) - $15
Final Fantasy VII (all 4 discs have scratches and such; I have the original disc holder and box, but the box was crushed in shipping when I bought it) pic (http://viper.shadowflareindustries.com/images/2sell/ff7pc.jpg) - $40
Final Fantasy VII - PC Gamer Demo Disc (June 1998) (light scratches) - $15

NOTE: Most are in pretty decent shape, unless otherwise noted. Some are mint or close. Those ones with loose pages are also free to a good home if you buy something else over 5 bucks.
http://viper.shadowflareindustries.com/images/2sell/mariorpg-small.jpg (http://viper.shadowflareindustries.com/images/2sell/mariorpg.jpg)
Doom 64 (Brady Games) - $10
Goldeneye 007 (Brady Games) - $10
Mortal Kombat II Official Player's Guide (Infotainment) (loose pages) - $5
Super Mario Bros 3 (loose pages, no cover) (Nintendo) - $5
Super Mario RPG (Nintendo) - $40
WCW/NWO World Tour (Prima) - $7
WWF Attitude (Acclaim) - $7
WWF Warzone (a lot of loose pages) (Acclaim) - $5
Yoshi's Story (Brady Games) - $15

Game Manuals/random magazines
http://viper.shadowflareindustries.com/images/2sell/manuals-small.jpg (http://viper.shadowflareindustries.com/images/2sell/manuals.jpg)http://viper.shadowflareindustries.com/images/2sell/007folder-small.jpg (http://viper.shadowflareindustries.com/images/2sell/007folder.jpg)
Computer Gaming World May 1997 (sealed) - $7
Gamefan March 1997 - $5
Gamefan June 1997 - $5
Gamefan November 1997 - $5
Game Informer October 2007 - $5
Game Players Encyclopedia of Games Volume 5 (tear in cover) Summer/Fall 1992 - $5
Game Players Encyclopedia of Games Volume 1 No 3 - Gameboy Games Buyer's Guide 1990 - $10
Goldeneye 007 Toys R Us info folder (freebie with Goldeneye preorders back then, I presume. envelope is open, but everything appears in good shape. There's crinkle that you can see in the pic above. Could be rare) - $7
Ivan Iron Man Stewart's Super Off Road Manual (NES) - $5
Mortal Kombat Manual (PC) - $7
N64 Gameshark Manual - $4
N64 Gameshark Pro Manaul - $4
Nintendo 64 Manual - $10
PC Gamer January 2002 - $5
Pro Action Replay II Manual (Genesis) - $7
Pro Action Replay II Code Book (Genesis) - a little crinkly around the edges, pretty good shape though - $10 (buy code book and I'll throw in the manual)
Pro Action Replay 3 Code Book (SNES) - little crinkly around the edges, but in good shape, cover feels a little loose because the book is only held together by 2 staples) - $10
Robocop vs the Terminator Manual (Genesis) - $5
Starfox 64 (Gamepro Supplement) - folded in half - $4
Streets of Rage 2 Manual (Genesis) - couple spots on back - $5
Super Mario RPG Manual (SNES) - $10
Take-A-Break Pinball Manual (PC) - $5

Game magazines clearance: Medium Flat Rate box filled with magazines of your choosing for $25. 15-20 will fit in a box depending on thickness of choices. Books and guides above could be thrown in or substantially discounted depending on the item. Discounts on games going in the box aren't out of the question either.
Electronic Gaming monthly (EGM) -- $50 for the lot or $5 each
http://viper.shadowflareindustries.com/images/2sell/egm-ffx-small.jpg (http://viper.shadowflareindustries.com/images/2sell/egm-ffx.jpg)
Competitor's Guide to Sports Video Gaming
Video Game Buyer's Guide 1996
August 2001 (in plastic)
September 2001 (Limited edition Final Fantasy X cover with matching poster - 1 small tear starting in the cover)
October 2001
November 2001 (in plastic, but open)
December 2001
February 2002
March 2002
April 2002
May 2002

EGM2 / Expert Gamer -- $100 for the lot or $5 each
Ape Escape Guide
Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Guide (bent, but decent shape)
WWF Attitude Guide
October 1996
January 1997
February 1997
March 1997
April 1997
May 1997
June 1997
July 1997 (ripped cover)
October 1997
November 1997
January 1998 (discolored spot)
February 1998
March 1998
April 1998
May 1998
June 1998
July 1998
August 1998
September 1998
October 1998
November 1998
December 1998
January 1999
February 1999
March 1999
April 1999
May 1999
June 1999
July 1999 (minor creases)
August 1999 (small sticky spot on upper left corner of cover)
September 1999 (Cover a little worn, corner crease on most pages)
October 1999
November 1999
December 1999

Tips N Tricks - $70 for all or $5 each
http://viper.shadowflareindustries.com/images/2sell/tiptrick-small.jpg (http://viper.shadowflareindustries.com/images/2sell/tiptrick.jpg)[url=http://viper.shadowflareindustries.com/images/2sell/tiptrick3.jpg][img]http://viper.shadowflareindustries.com/images/2sell/tiptrick3-small.jpg

06-01-10, 11:15 PM
I just got a sealed copy of the Halo 3 ODST + Forza 3 Double Pack. Is it worth $40 (shipped) to anyone? :)

I really should offer up a few of my other 360 games.

08-07-10, 04:19 PM
List updated. Check out the magazine clearance. :)

08-19-10, 01:24 PM
Would you take $25 for the EGM2s from 1997 and 1998?

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