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05-24-10, 01:14 AM

Taiwanese NTSC Region 3 DVD now available: Anamorphic, Japanese audio, and English subtitles.
DVD sold at yesasia.com for 19 bucks: http://www.yesasia.com/us/fish-story-dvd-english-subtitled-taiwan-version/1022547987-0-0-0-en/info.html

Even though this film has been getting good reviews, I don't think I can take another Asian movie which features annoying young rebellious teenagers that can't act.

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04-14-12, 12:46 PM

I know from the Asian thread that DVDTalker logboy also enjoyed this film, but since the search also turned up this thread I thought I'd give it a bump instead of simply posting in the Asian thread.

Found this to be a thoroughly charming and delightful movie. It's a butterfly effect tale of how a song called Fish Story written in 1975 will supposedly save the world from a comet strike in the year 2012 (which is actually the future since this was a 2009 film). The first hour or so is fast-paced and full of energy as you hopscotch and puzzle back and forth across various time periods (2012, 1975, 1982, 1999, and 2009) where you are introduced to a dozen-plus characters. After that the film mellows and becomes more conventional for the next forty minutes as you are dropped exclusively in 1975 and the groundwork and backstory for everything is laid out as you learn about the four-member punk rock band and their song Fish Story (quality song by the way). The film then concludes with another quick (less than ten minutes) hopscotch as it returns to a number of the earlier characters. I enjoyed the film a whole lot! Actually, I wouldn't have minded another dozen minutes or so tacked on to the runtime during the first hour, or maybe another five minutes during the quick wrap-up that concludes the film...just really enjoyed the characters and wanted to spend some more time with some of them. FISH STORY is wonderful storytelling...strongly recommended!

I have the UK DVD and am generally pleased with it. I'm not a big A/V techie, but I thought the DVD exhibited a bit of motion judder or blur on my system. Still it might be the best option in terms of DVD releases...it is inexpensive and has a few extras. The U.S. DVD is a no-go for being non-anamorphic. Also there is this Taiwanese DVD that toddly posted about. There is a Japanese DVD but it wasn't English-friendly, and a Korean DVD (also not English-friendly). The UK DVD has only 2.0 audio but it looks like that is the case with all the releases including the original Japanese DVD.

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