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05-20-10, 11:18 PM

Philippines' KICK-ASS only probably not that good!

The only thing certain about the DVD specs is that it has English subtitles. It's most likely letterboxed and Stereo Tagalog.

DVD sold here at: http://www.pinoymovierentals.com/wapakman-%28dvd%29-3137.html

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E Unit
05-21-10, 08:49 AM
Holy shit - Manny Pacquiao as a superhero!?

05-21-10, 09:57 AM
Not having seen any of Manny's previous cinematic turns, is his acting better than his singing?:p
Hopefully i can get my cousin to snag me a copy at one of the local shops when it comes out.

05-21-10, 10:25 AM
I like how the trailer emphasizes "family film" and "T & A". ;)

05-21-10, 04:21 PM
toddly (and/or anyone else), did you ever watch the superhero movie LASTIKMAN? In terms of recent entries (following on the 1965 version), it looks like there was a 2003 movie, a 2004 movie, and a 2007 TV-series. The 2004 movie seems to be the only one available with English subs (based on only a cursory search). It's too bad the 2003 movie isn't available too as the youtube clips look rather entertaining. The available 2004 movie looks okay too...just a more serious version of the story.

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