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04-27-10, 07:32 PM
Hi all,

I am attempting to clear out some space on my shelf and am thinning down my video game collection.

Prices do not include shipping; I will, however, send the cheapest USPS method possible (first class or media mail, depending on weight). Prices are a guess, so make an offer if something seems interesting.

I do not have much of a trade history here, but I have sold approximately 250 items under this name on ebay. Message me there with your user name, and I will respond here, if you wish to confirm this. Also, I will send first to anyone on the Gold Trader list.

Here's the list.


Used (All Black Label Unless Indicated; All in Near Mint Condition Condition with Original Case and Instruction Materials)

Shadow of the Colossus - $20
Devil May Cry - $10
Star Wars Bounty Hunter - $20
Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec (Greatest Hits) - $10
Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal - $15
Deus Ex: The Conspiracy - $15
Katamari Damacy - $20
We Love Katamari - $20
Escape from Monkey Island - $15

PC (New in Box):
Far Cry - $10
Fallout 3 - $25

DS (New, Sealed):
Advance Wars: Days of Ruin - $16

Donkey Konga Jungle Beat + Bongos Set (Sealed) (box shows fair amount of shelf wear)
3 Additional Bongo Sets (2 opened, but never used)
Donkey Konga Game (game only, no case or manual; game is used and shows a fair amount of light scratching but has been tested and works fine)
$60 for the Whole Set of 2 games and 4 drum sets (note that this cannot be shipped media mail)

Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions (PSP)
Shin Megami Tensai: Strange Journey (DS)
Shin Megami Tensai: Devil Survivor (DS)
Knights of the Nightmare (DS)
Yggrda Union (PSP)

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