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View Full Version : Does anyone own the UK (Blu-ray) release of Extras - the special ?

04-21-10, 11:19 PM
I took a chance on the "Extras - the special" BD because I thought there was a workaround, even though it is indicated as Region B locked. When I try to play it with my PS3 or my BDP S550 it freezes during the "Any views or opinions expressed in interviews or commentary are those of the ... blah blah blah snip" screen.

I don't get any region error message displayed. Should I, if that is the problem?

Amazon.co.uk also indicates that it is region free, although they certainly have been known to make mistakes.

I also tried it on a friends Samsung BDP1500 and it played without issue. If there is a hack for it, he certainly hasn't applied it, so I'm puzzled why it would work there, but not on either of my players.

Any have any ideas, or similar experience?

04-22-10, 11:41 AM
Does it have any PAL content in the menus or extras? The PS3 can choke on that even for a Region Free BD.

04-22-10, 10:27 PM
I'm not sure, but it does have some standard def content, so it is certainly a possibility (and one I hadn't considered).


04-23-10, 08:21 AM
It definitely has PAL content so you will need a player that can do that (or maybe a tv that can do that is good enough, I'm not sure)

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