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View Full Version : Cheap hackable DVD player to defeat Macrovision?

08-10-00, 12:34 PM
What I've found in searching is all over the place. So I'm turning to those who know...

Any suggestions on what the cheapest (pref used) DVD player would be that is easily hackable to cancel macrovision?

Not looking to break the law, just backing up copies of my kid's movies so they can watch them on VHS -- in their room.


08-10-00, 12:39 PM
The Raite is still supposed to be hackable. Playback quality is poor though.

08-11-00, 12:30 AM
I think the cheapest way to block/cancel macrovision is with a Digital Video Stabilizer, it cost about $28, im not sure if they make it anymore, if you're interested, i have one for sale, e-mail me.

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