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Mace Windu
08-09-00, 03:26 AM
I've got a Technics SA-DX930 receiver and I'm now looking to get a 5.1 speaker system for it. I'm very new to getting speakers so anyone who can offer advice on where to start I would be greatly appreciate. Like should I get the whole 5.1 system at once or is it better to buy all the speakers separately? And if its better to buy them all separetly I'm looking into getting suroound speakers for now, so what brands should I look into and what features are best to look for in surround speakers?


08-09-00, 04:11 AM
I really don't know if this will help but,
IMHO i would buy the best you can instead of some to get you by.
i recently bought polk audio speakers for my surround sound
2 tower 600i for the front
cs245i center channel
psw350 10" sub-woofer
and 2 m3 rear speakers
being pushed from a sony de845 reciever
I have to say i'm not disappointed and after researchng polk audio i would highly recommend them.
good luck to you http://talk.dvdtalk.com/ubb/smile.gif

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