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Chicken Warrior
03-10-10, 03:40 AM

Although you're obviously welcome to post your opinions, I'm not looking to start a big debate on the value of 3D or the size of screen or resolution required to make it 'worth it'. I have a fairly simple, hypothetical, technical question that I'm sure someone will be able to answer.

Would a 3D blu-ray player/ps3 played through a 3D LCD monitor with DVI and HDCP work for 3D imagery? Specifically, all 3D monitors on the market today seem to be designed for the NVidia 3D system, and only mention support for games/computer programs on PCs running with NVidia's 3d CPU. Any clue if this same technology will work with 3D blu-ray players? I think this comes down to two things:

1. Will the monitor sync up with non-PC 3D sources? Will there be any Blu-ray players that support the NVidia 3D system and will they have to?

2. Will the glasses sync up with the same non-PC 3D source?

Thanks in advance for any insight.

03-10-10, 06:33 AM
It is my understanding that upcoming 3d BluRay players will use HDMI 1.4 for 3d and will not work with older versions of HDMI or DVI.

Also it is my understanding that current 3d capable monitors that require a PC to be hooked up to them will not work with the upcoming 3d BluRay players. Only new 3d monitors will work.

Is it a matter of the older tech wouldn't work? Probably not. More along the lines of the TV makers want you to buy a brand new TV to get the 3d in a similar fashion that you had to buy a brand new TV to get HDTV.

Chicken Warrior
03-12-10, 11:37 PM
Hmm, thanks for the info. I have since heard that at least the samsung 3D monitors will work with 3D Blu-ray, but it sounds like only through a PC source. It's still unclear if PCs will require newer drives to properly play 3D Blu-Rays anyways so it's obviously too early to know one way or another. I wish they'd simplified this 3D stuff and figured out their gameplan before launching it on the masses.

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