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03-07-10, 02:50 PM
So I was watching a show this morning on San Quentin prison and after it was over naturally went online to look. As I was searching I found the list of inmates, Dead, alive etc and look up Scott Peterson. Under his summary it lis 5 factors:

1) Murder Convicted (death sentence)
2) Took the Fifth
3) Polygraphed
4) Inmate: San Quentin State Prison

5) Risk Factors: Yoga (Now this is where it gets weird)

Yoga a risk factor? So I click on Yoga as a risk factor and this is the list it brings up...anyone understand? I just dont get it

Risk Factor: Yoga

Name Occupation Birth Death Known for
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Basketball 16-Apr-1947 NBA records for most minutes, most points
Karen Allen Actor 5-Oct-1951 Raiders of the Lost Ark
Isabel Allende Novelist 2-Aug-1942 The House of Spirits
Kirstie Alley Actor 12-Jan-1951 Rebecca from Cheers
André 3000 Musician 27-May-1975 The skinny half of OutKast
Jennifer Aniston Actor 11-Feb-1969 Rachel on Friends
Shoko Asahara Religion 2-Mar-1955 Leader, Aum Shinrikyo cult
Alec Baldwin Actor 3-Apr-1958 A Baldwin Brother
Drew Barrymore Actor 22-Feb-1975 E.T., The Wedding Singer
Annette Bening Actor 29-May-1958 The American President
Candice Bergen Actor 9-May-1946 Murphy Brown
Annie Besant Activist 1-Oct-1847 20-Sep-1933 Theosophist & Social Activist
Jessica Biel Actor 3-Mar-1982 The Rules of Attraction
Orlando Bloom Actor 13-Jan-1977 Lord of the Rings
Lisa Bonet Actor 16-Nov-1967 Denise on The Cosby Show
Russell Brand Actor 4-Jun-1975 Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know
Jeremy Brett Actor 3-Nov-1933 12-Sep-1995 The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Kelly Brook Model 23-Nov-1979 House of 9
Peter Brook Theater Director 21-Mar-1925 Lord of the Flies
Buddha Religion 563 BC 477 BC Enlightened One
Gisele Bundchen Model 20-Jul-1980 Brazilian supermodel
Brooke Burke Model 8-Sep-1971 Supermodel host of Wild On...
Ellen Burstyn Actor 7-Dec-1932 Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Rose Byrne Actor 24-Jul-1979 The Goddess of 1967
Nicolas Cage Actor 7-Jan-1964 Leaving Las Vegas
Mariah Carey Singer/Songwriter 27-Mar-1969 Diva with eighteen #1 hits
Brandi Chastain Soccer 21-Jul-1968 Pioneer of sports-bra exhibitionism
Sri Chinmoy Religion 27-Aug-1931 11-Oct-2007 Meditation guru
Bikram Choudhury Business 1946 The Bad Boy of Yoga
Julie Christie Actor 14-Apr-1941 Darling
Marcia Clark Attorney 31-Aug-1953 Former O.J. prosecutor
Paula Cole Musician 5-Apr-1968 Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?
John Coltrane Jazz Musician 23-Sep-1926 17-Jul-1967 Jazz tenor saxophonist
Hans Conried Actor 15-Apr-1917 5-Jan-1982 Character actor, 1930s to 1970s
Cat Cora Chef c. 1968 Iron Chef America
Courteney Cox Actor 15-Jun-1964 Friends
Sheryl Crow Singer 11-Feb-1962 All I Wanna Do
Aleister Crowley Religion 12-Oct-1875 1-Dec-1947 Wickedest man in the world
Willem Dafoe Actor 22-Jul-1955 Last Temptation of Christ
Matt Damon Actor 8-Oct-1970 Good Will Hunting
Ram Dass Religion 5-Apr-1931 Be Here Now
Kristin Davis Actor 23-Feb-1965 Good girl Charlotte on Sex and the City
Patti Davis Relative 21-Oct-1952 Reagan's prodigal daughter
Dana Delany Actor 13-Mar-1956 China Beach
Laura Dern Actor 10-Feb-1967 Blue Velvet
Cameron Diaz Actor 30-Aug-1972 There's Something About Mary
Donovan Singer/Songwriter 10-May-1946 Mad about saffron
Robert Downey, Jr. Actor 4-Apr-1965 The Gingerbread Man
David Duchovny Actor 7-Aug-1960 Mulder on The X-Files
Carmen Electra Model 20-Apr-1972 Singled Out
Daniel Ellsberg Government 7-Apr-1931 Pentagon Papers source
Werner Erhard Religion 5-Sep-1935 Erhard Seminar Training ("est")
Linda Evangelista Model 10-May-1965 Won't wake up for less than $10K/day
Diane Farr Actor 7-Sep-1969 Megan Reeves on Numb3rs
Sherilyn Fenn Actor 1-Feb-1965 Twin Peaks starlet
America Ferrera Actor 18-Apr-1984 Ugly Betty
Ralph Fiennes Actor 22-Dec-1962 Red Dragon
Jane Fonda Actor 21-Dec-1937 Prominent Vietnam War protester
Jodie Foster Actor 19-Nov-1962 The Silence of the Lambs
John Frusciante Guitarist 5-Mar-1970 Guitarist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers
Soleil Moon Frye Actor 6-Aug-1976 Punky Brewster
Mahatma Gandhi Activist 2-Oct-1869 30-Jan-1948 Proselytizer of nonviolence
Debbie Gibson Singer 31-Aug-1970 Arch-nemesis: Tiffany
Paul Gilbert Guitarist 6-Nov-1966 Ex-Guitarist for Mr. Big
Sara Gilbert Actor 29-Jan-1975 Darlene on Roseanne
Philip Glass Composer 31-Jan-1937 Master of arpeggiation
Heather Graham Actor 29-Jan-1970 Rollergirl in Boogie Nights
Geri Halliwell Singer 6-Aug-1972 Ginger Spice
Bob Harper TV Personality 1965 Trainer, The Biggest Loser
Woody Harrelson Actor 23-Jul-1961 Woody from Cheers
Mel Harris Actor 12-Jul-1957 Hope Steadman on thirtysomething
George Harrison Musician 25-Feb-1943 29-Nov-2001 Beatle
Melissa Joan Hart Actor 18-Apr-1976 Sabrina, the Teenage Witch
Goldie Hawn Actor 21-Nov-1945 Private Benjamin
Darren Hayes Singer/Songwriter 8-May-1972 Savage Garden vocalist
Mariel Hemingway Actor 22-Nov-1961 Woody Allen's Manhattan
Abbie Hoffman Activist 30-Nov-1936 12-Apr-1989 Steal This Book
John Holmes Pornstar 8-Aug-1944 13-Mar-1988 Life-support system for a 10-inch penis
Kate Hudson Actor 19-Apr-1979 Almost Famous
Arianna Huffington Columnist 15-Jul-1950 The Huffington Post
Anjelica Huston Actor 8-Jul-1951 The Grifters
Aldous Huxley Author 26-Jul-1894 22-Nov-1963 Brave New World
Hugh Jackman Actor 12-Oct-1968 X-Men
Bianca Jagger Model 2-May-1945 First wife of Mick Jagger
Jade Jagger Relative 21-Oct-1971 Daughter of Mick and Bianca
Angelina Jolie Actor 4-Jun-1975 Tomb Raider
Erica Jong Author 26-Mar-1942 Fear of Flying
Ashley Judd Actor 19-Apr-1968 Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood
Carl Jung Psychiatrist 26-Jul-1875 6-Jun-1961 Inventor of the collective unconscious
Donna Karan Fashion Designer 2-Oct-1948 Owner, DKNY
Anthony Kiedis Musician 1-Nov-1962 Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman
Sally Kirkland Actor 31-Oct-1944 Jeanette in ED TV
Boris Kodjoe Actor 8-Mar-1973 Soul Food
Ronnie Kray Criminal 24-Oct-1933 17-Mar-1995 Kray brothers
Diane Lane Actor 22-Jan-1965 A Walk on the Moon
Queen Latifah Rapper 18-Mar-1970 Rapper, Actress
Sharon Lawrence Actor 29-Jun-1961 NYPD Blue
Hudson Leick Actor 9-May-1969 Callisto on Xena
Annie Lennox Singer/Songwriter 25-Dec-1954 Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of These)
Rula Lenska Actor 30-Sep-1947 Alberta VO5 commercials
Adam Levine Singer 18-Mar-1979 Frontman of Maroon 5
Monica Lewinsky Government 23-Jul-1973 Engaged in Presidential cigar play
Peggy Lipton Actor 30-Aug-1946 Julie Barnes in The Mod Squad
Daniel S. Loeb Business c. 1962 Third Point LLC
Lindsay Lohan Actor 2-Jul-1986 Mean Girls
Kristanna Loken Actor 8-Oct-1979 Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines
Jennifer Lopez Singer 24-Jul-1969 Maid in Manhattan
Julia Louis-Dreyfus Comic 13-Jan-1961 Elaine on Seinfeld
Courtney Love Singer 9-Jul-1964 Kurt Cobain's widow, Hole
Mike Love Singer/Songwriter 15-Mar-1941 The Beach Boys
Ali MacGraw Actor 1-Apr-1938 Dynasty
John P. Mackey Business 1954 CEO of Whole Foods Market
Shirley MacLaine Actor 24-Apr-1934 Terms of Endearment
Madonna Singer/Songwriter 16-Aug-1958 Like a Virgin
Tobey Maguire Actor 27-Jun-1975 Spider-Man
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Religion 12-Jan-1917 5-Feb-2008 Transcendental meditation guru
Natalie Maines Country Musician 14-Oct-1974 Anti-Dubya Dixie Chick
Josie Maran Model 8-May-1978 Fashion model, sometime actress
Ricky Martin Musician 24-Dec-1971 She Bangs
John McAfee Business 1945 Antivirus entepreneur and yoga wannabe
Paul McCartney Musician 18-Jun-1942 Beatle
Matthew McConaughey Actor 4-Nov-1969 Contact
John McEnroe Tennis 16-Feb-1959 Winner of 17 Grand Slam titles
Danica McKellar Actor 3-Jan-1975 Winnie Cooper on The Wonder Years
Sarah McLachlan Musician 28-Jan-1968 Fumbling Towards Ecstasy
John McLaughlin Jazz Musician 4-Jan-1942 Influential jazz/fusion guitarist
Dmitri A. Medvedev Head of State 14-Sep-1965 President of Russia
Eva Mendes Actor 5-Mar-1974 2 Fast 2 Furious
Alyssa Milano Actor 19-Dec-1972 Charmed
Sienna Miller Actor 28-Dec-1981 Ex-fiancée of Jude Law
Charles Mingus Jazz Musician 22-Apr-1922 5-Jan-1979 Jazz bassist and legendary composer
Radha Mitchell Actor 12-Nov-1973 Love and Other Catastrophes
Demi Moore Actor 11-Nov-1962 Ghost
Alanis Morissette Singer 1-Jun-1974 Jagged Little Pill
James Morrison Actor 21-Apr-1954 Bill Buchanan on 24
Dave Mustaine Guitarist 13-Sep-1961 Megadeth
Mike Myers Comic 25-May-1963 Austin Powers
Bif Naked Musician 15-Jun-1971 Canadian punk rocker
Willie Nelson Country Musician 30-Apr-1933 The red-headed stranger
Olivia Newton-John Singer 26-Sep-1948 Grease
Gena Lee Nolin Actor 29-Nov-1971 Sheena
Parry O'Brien Track and Field 28-Jan-1932 21-Apr-2007 Revolutionized the shot put
Sandra Day O'Connor Judge 26-Mar-1930 US Supreme Court Justice, 1981-2006
Rosie O'Donnell Talk Show Host 21-Mar-1962 The Rosie O'Donnell Show
Mary-Kate Olsen Actor 13-Jun-1986 Olsen Twin
Gwyneth Paltrow Actor 27-Sep-1972 Shakespeare in Love
Sarah Jessica Parker Actor 25-Mar-1965 Carrie on Sex and the City
Danica Patrick Auto Racing 25-Mar-1982 Finished 4th in Indy 500
Josh Peck Actor 10-Nov-1986 Drake and Josh
Laci Peterson Victim 4-May-1975 23-Dec-2002 Pregnant mother's body found in bay
Scott Peterson Criminal 24-Oct-1972 Murdered pregnant wife Laci
Michelle Pfeiffer Actor 29-Apr-1958 The Witches of Eastwick
Pink Singer 8-Sep-1979 Can't Take Me Home
Jeremy Piven Actor 26-Jul-1965 Ari Gold on Entourage
Cole Porter Composer 9-Jun-1891 15-Oct-1964 I've Got You Under My Skin
Natalie Portman Actor 9-Jun-1981 Queen Amidala in Star Wars
Elvis Presley Singer 8-Jan-1935 16-Aug-1977 Rock and roll icon
Dennis Quaid Actor 9-Apr-1954 Any Given Sunday
Taylor Rain Pornstar 16-Aug-1981 Filthy Whore
Rajkumar Actor 24-Apr-1928 12-Apr-2006 Kannada megastar kidnapped by Veerappan
Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh Religion 11-Dec-1931 19-Jan-1990 Holy man, owned 93 Rolls-Royces
Holly Randall Photographer 5-Sep-1978 Porn photographer/director
Sri Sri Ravishankar Religion 13-May-1956 The Art of Living
Michael Richards Actor 24-Jul-1949 Cosmo Kramer on Seinfeld
LeAnn Rimes Country Musician 28-Aug-1982 How Do I Live
Lisa Rinna Actor 11-Jul-1963 Taylor McBride on Melrose Place
Julia Roberts Actor 28-Oct-1967 Pretty Woman
Sonny Rollins Jazz Musician 7-Sep-1930 Tenor sax master
Bill Romanowski Football 2-Apr-1966 Abusive NFL linebacker
Brandon Routh Actor 9-Oct-1979 The new Superman
Paulina Rubio Singer 17-Jun-1971 Pau-Latina
Meg Ryan Actor 19-Nov-1961 Sleepless In Seattle
Sai Baba Religion 23-Nov-1926 Sex-crazed avatar
Kyle Secor Actor 31-May-1957 Homicide: Life on the Street
Edie Sedgwick Socialite 20-Apr-1943 16-Nov-1971 Warhol factory girl
Peter Sellers Actor 8-Sep-1925 24-Jul-1980 Inspector Clouseau
Charlie Sheen Actor 3-Sep-1965 The prodigal Sheen
Nicolette Sheridan Actor 21-Nov-1963 Spy Hard
Shilpa Shetty Actor 8-Jun-1975 Bollywood star
Bobby Shriver Relative 28-Apr-1954 Kennedy scion
Alicia Silverstone Actor 4-Oct-1976 Clueless
Kimora Lee Simmons Fashion Designer 4-May-1975 Fabulosity
Russell Simmons Business 4-Oct-1957 Def Jam Records
Jessica Simpson Singer 10-Jul-1980 MTV Newlyweds
Molly Sims Model 25-May-1973 Delinda Deline on Las Vegas
Ione Skye Actor 4-Sep-1971 Say Anything
Amy Smart Actor 26-Mar-1976 Outside Providence
Allison Smith Actor 9-Dec-1969 Kate & Allie
Ian Somerhalder Actor 8-Dec-1978 Boone on Lost
James Spader Actor 7-Feb-1960 Sex, Lies, and Videotape
Britney Spears Singer 2-Dec-1981 Oops!... I Did it Again
Tori Spelling Actor 16-May-1973 Donna in Beverly Hills 90210
Connie Stevens Singer 8-Aug-1938 Hawaiian Eye
Martha Stewart Business 3-Aug-1941 Professional housekeeper, insider trader
Sting Singer/Songwriter 2-Oct-1951 Lead singer of The Police
Barbra Streisand Singer 24-Apr-1942 You Don't Bring Me Flowers
Brenda Strong Actor 25-Mar-1960 Desperate Housewives
David Sutcliffe Actor 8-Jun-1969 Christopher Hayden on Gilmore Girls
Thalia Singer 26-Aug-1971 Latin soap opera queen and pop star
Courtney Thorne-Smith Actor 8-Nov-1967 Long-suffering wife on According to Jim
Cheryl Tiegs Model 25-Sep-1947 1970s supermodel
John Travolta Actor 18-Feb-1954 Saturday Night Fever
Christy Turlington Model 2-Jan-1969 Supermodel, started Sundari
Janine Turner Actor 6-Dec-1962 Maggie on Northern Exposure
Diane von Furstenberg Fashion Designer 31-Dec-1946 Fashion designer
André Watts Pianist 20-Jun-1946 American piano prodigy
Naomi Watts Actor 28-Sep-1968 First you see The Ring, then you die
Rachel Weisz Actor 7-Mar-1971 The Constant Gardener
Raquel Welch Actor 5-Sep-1940 Cocktail waitress turned 60s sexpot
Mae West Actor 17-Aug-1893 22-Nov-1980 Go up and see her sometime
Ricky Williams Football 21-May-1977 Miami Dolphins RB
Peta Wilson Actor 18-Nov-1970 La Femme Nikita
Oprah Winfrey Talk Show Host 29-Jan-1954 The Oprah Winfrey Show
Reese Witherspoon Actor 22-Mar-1976 Legally Blonde

03-07-10, 02:58 PM
:eek: That's quite a list of felons.

But no I don't get it.

Nick Danger
03-07-10, 02:58 PM
Buddha Religion 563 BC 477 BC Enlightened One

Not much risk factor there. He's (mostly) dead.

03-07-10, 03:00 PM
I just thought it was as they are actors or athletes

Troy Stiffler
03-07-10, 10:25 PM
Wow. I have absolutely no understanding of this thread.

03-07-10, 10:44 PM
Wow. I have absolutely no understanding of this thread.

That makes 2 of us. Maybe I'm not drunk enough yet.

03-07-10, 11:09 PM
I don't know what this is about either, but I saw San Quentin today.

03-07-10, 11:17 PM
I don't know what this is about either, but I saw San Quentin today.

I saw Lockup: San Quentin the other day.

03-08-10, 09:20 PM
Some of the descriptions are rather amusing:

André 3000 Musician 27-May-1975 The skinny half of OutKast
Bikram Choudhury Business 1946 The Bad Boy of Yoga
Aleister Crowley Religion 12-Oct-1875 1-Dec-1947 Wickedest man in the world
Linda Evangelista Model 10-May-1965 Won't wake up for less than $10K/day
John Holmes Pornstar 8-Aug-1944 13-Mar-1988 Life-support system for a 10-inch penis
John McAfee Business 1945 Antivirus entepreneur and yoga wannabe
Naomi Watts Actor 28-Sep-1968 First you see The Ring, then you die

D.Pham4GLTE (>60GB)
03-08-10, 09:28 PM

03-08-10, 09:46 PM
From the website where I assume the OP got his info from:

NNDB is an intelligence aggregator that tracks the activities of people we have determined to be noteworthy, both living and dead. Superficially, it seems much like a "Who's Who" where a noted person's curriculum vitae is available (the usual information such as date of birth, a biography, and other essential facts.)

But it mostly exists to document the connections between people, many of which are not always obvious. A person's otherwise inexplicable behavior is often understood by examining the crowd that person has been associating with.

The folks on that list must have yoga in their bios, but aside from the mission statement, I can't tell why the website is aggregating the info. Seems like some way to justify conspiracy theories according to location, behavior, etc.

03-08-10, 09:52 PM
driven by it several times as well...on some nice land

"the skinny half of outkast" lol

03-08-10, 10:12 PM

Jack Straw
03-09-10, 02:33 PM
It does my heart good knowing that scumbag is still and will be behind bars for the rest of his "on borrowed time" days.

Mrs. Danger
03-09-10, 03:04 PM
Tarantino's in jail?

03-09-10, 04:47 PM
Tarantino's in jail?

Yup. Using his own face pic as an avatar wasn't enough anymore and he started using pics of other parts of his body. Underage friends on Myspace see 'em and boom, he's a sex offender.

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