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03-05-10, 12:31 AM
I was banned for making another username only because i disliked the current username i had i didn't do it for malicious reasons at all but i then made another name to plea my case and that name was banned, i have constantly tried to contact the forum and ask could i return but no one has responded to my emails, it's been a couple of months and i decided to make this name and ask could i please return to the forum?

03-05-10, 03:33 AM
The rules are quite clear and you admit to having broken them multiple times.

It seems very telling to anyone familiar with this kind of scenario/plea that you don't cite your earlier usernames or to whom you addressed and when you sent the alleged emails.

Whether or not the first infraction was a mistake/"innocent", the subsequent ones were undertaken in clear knowledge of the rules of the board. You appear to have decided that you are a special case and can break these rules with impunity.

From my perspective, as one with no clear knowledge of the earlier sequence of events, I would say that your ban is permanent and irrevocable. Maybe it will serve as a lesson to anyone else minded to set him or herself outside of the rules.

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