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02-20-10, 06:24 AM
I expect that at least a few of you are eager to get your hands on an English-friendly DVD for the Indonesian martial arts action movie - Merantau (2009) aka MERANTAU WARRIOR. Well, U.S.-based e-tailer esindo.com just put up a listing for the official Indonesian DVD. It is labelled as Region 3 and does include English subtitles.

Here is the IMDb link:

And the official site with trailer:

One point to note is that I'm not sure if the DVD contains the 134-minute Director's cut or the shorter 106-minute cut that was later done for International markets.

02-20-10, 06:55 AM
Just wanted to add that I did a quick look around...I didn't stumble across any date for a U.S. R1 DVD release, but there is a R2 UK DVD and Blu-ray listed at Amazon UK and releasing on April 26th. Again, I don't know which cut of the film that will be.

So, for the less eager, those not in the U.S., or the A/V-philes among you, maybe the coming UK release might be a preferable option.

02-24-10, 07:47 AM
Bad news...it looks like this release does NOT have English subtitles. I received an e-mail from esindo saying that they have received the DVD and it does NOT have English subtitles. Esindo is looking into things and I expect to hear back from them...but if you were thinking of ordering it, don't do so right now.

03-21-10, 01:45 AM
Hey, I'm Indonesian, yeah.. just want to confirm, the Director's Cut version (Indonesian Reg 3) does not have English subtitles. This is kinda bad, normally for any Indonesian movies released on DVD have English subtitles. I dunno why this doesn't.

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