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02-01-10, 01:10 AM
That round, clear disc that's at the bottom of all the cake boxes when you buy blank DVDs... does anybody know what the name of that thing is? More importantly, does anybody know where they can be bought in bulk? I've looked on a few sites like Shop4Tech, but I can't find anything.

02-01-10, 08:11 PM
What on earth do you need those for? but to the question at hand.. Sorry no help here.

02-02-10, 12:20 AM
If you mean cake boxes for cakes, those are called cake boards. Otherwise I have no idea what you're talking about.

02-02-10, 12:48 AM
"Cake boxes" refers to the spindles stacks of blank CD-R/DVD-R media that come in round plastic cases.

He's wanting more of those clear plastic "CD" things that are packed at the bottom of the stacks to prevent the bottom CD-R/DVD-R from becoming scratched.

No idea where one could go to actually buy these things. Unless you could a bunch of your friends to save theirs for you, or got them from a workplace that goes through a lot of recordable media.

05-03-11, 03:15 PM
If you search eBay for "empty cake boxes" you will usually turn up a few, just message the seller first and make sure the disc protectors are still in the bottom. I have seen them in black and clear.
Hope this helps : )

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