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View Full Version : What's the difference between a Yamaha HTR-5250 and RXV596?

07-30-00, 05:21 PM
Yamaha's site doesn't have a very good compare feature, so what is the difference between these two? Also, where do you think the cheapest place to get one would be (online or retail)? Thanks

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07-31-00, 03:38 PM
I have a 596..it was explained to me that the 5250 is the consumer line(Best buy, Sears) and the 596 is sold at audio stores...but they are the same thing

07-31-00, 06:32 PM
yep...that's about it. i bought the 5240 at best buys.

good deal, by the way.


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07-31-00, 11:16 PM
That's correct. I have a RX-V595a which is the same as the HTR-5150. The RX-V series can only be sold in local retail whereas the HTR series can be sold online as well.

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08-01-00, 11:09 AM
Does anyone know how these compare to the 795A and 1105? I haven't found any information regarding why the 795A is about $100 more than the 596. The 1105 is on sale everywhere, but I don't know much about it.


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