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07-29-00, 03:44 PM
The tweeter in my CC2 is tin-canny and dialouge is raspy when volume is loud.I first started hearing it during SPR-DTS and Jaws-Dts and thought it was just that but now it appear to be happening on DD too.
Consider the facts that I think that my Infinity CC2 center speaker is messed up and its probably the weekest part of my system(Onkyo 575, Infinity RS5 fronts , Rs2 rears and Klipsch ksw-12 sub). Should I maybe upgrade?Any suggestions?

Can I return for part of a factory trade-in on the new interlude series?

I'll regret not spending that extra $100 for the Infinity CC3 now and forever. The CC2 just doesn't fit well between the big bad RS5s.

07-29-00, 05:30 PM
Does it happen with everything? If so you probably have a blown tweeter:-)

07-29-00, 07:46 PM
I agree with jumbojp. It sounds like something may be blown. I have the Infinity CC-1 and I love it! Although, the first time I purchased the CC-1, I got it home and it had a blown tweeter. I exchanged it for a new one and I've had no problems since.

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