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View Full Version : What size bolts/screws needed to mount Panasonic 50" Plasma?

12-23-09, 03:21 PM
Hi. We recently purchased a Panasonic 50" Plasma TC-P50S1. We had also bought a stand at Wal-Mart which came with brackets to mount the TV but it did not come with the 4 screws/bolts needed to attach them to the TV. Does anyone know what size I would need, so I can just run over to Lowes and pick them up? I've been on hold with the Panasonic helpline for a while now.

12-23-09, 03:43 PM
That's odd. How much was that mount? The Panny manual does not list what size bolts is used in the section that talks about mounting options?

Did the mount come with spacers so that the mount does not sit flush up against the television?

12-23-09, 03:55 PM
I can't find the size anywhere in the manual. I've currently just got the tv sitting on the stand using the pedestal base that it came with. This is the stand/hutch that we bought:


12-23-09, 04:30 PM
ok finally got through to the helpline. They told me it was M8-1.25 x 13.5mm

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